Friday, 3 April 2015

Losing my marbles

Perhaps you'll remember, I posted about Suzy's stunning needle keep a little while ago, and lamented the fact that I just couldn't find all the photos I had taken in the UK before leaving for France. Well, guess what? I found them. Whilst looking for something else in my picture files. I have no idea why I put them where I did put them, but I am so glad I haven't lost all my marbles, lol, just some of them. I was beginning to think that I had imagined taking the photos, and that it never really happened.

But here they are, the rest of the beautiful things Suzy had also sent me, and I am so glad I can now share them with you -

I just love how she presented the birthday card, in this gorgeous card holder -

She also sent me some beautiful trims and fabrics -

The neddle keep was wrapped in this beautiful vintage doily -

and inside were such sweet little treasures -

And just in case you didn't see the original post or followed the link above, here is one last pic of the needle keep -

I put some needles in yesterday, when I spent some time in the craftavan.

Oh, and talking of the craftavan, I made six 'lilac' swap ATCs yesterday, photographed them today ( in really horridly grey conditions ) and will post them tomorrow. So, Alexandra, don't look tomorrow, lol!!!

Wishing you all a very lovely Easter weekend, restful and peaceful if you prefer it that way, or filled with lots of fun activities if that makes you happy.

Toodlepip xxx


Elizabethd said...

What a selection of lovely treasures!

Rhonda said...

OH MY - that was one lovely package from Suzy! I received a letter from her just today!! I was so excited, as we've decided to swap pieces. She is one wonderful bloggy friend!!

Her needle keeps are fabulous!

Betsy said...

Ahhh...such gorgeousness! the laces and trims and ephemera and that needle beautiful, and from a beautiful friend as well! That makes it all the more enjoyable!
hugs to you!

Betsy said...

And I love the fabric with the vintage scissors on it! such fun!

Dorthe said...

Totally magic from Down Under- dear Liz.
Suzy spoiled you, with all the beautiful trims, wow- and the fabrics are all special.
And dear Suzy`s card is a beautiful little wonder, -not to speak of the pearl... how very wonderful.
And I had to admire the stunning pinkeep again, filled with all kind of goodies !!So great you found the photoes dear friend.
Hugs and Happy Easter , enjoy the weekend!!