Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Back at the cottage

Yes, we got back to our little cottage on the hill on Thursday and I am so happy. I brought one suitcase full of crafty stuff with me, but I haven't even unpacked it yet, the first few days are always so busy with major shopping, organising, cleaning etc.

What I did unpack though were some beautiful gifts I received from dear blogging friends, which had arrived shortly before left the UK for France. Of course I'll be showing you the gorgeous things over the next few days. I'll start today with something which arrived from Germany, from my wonderful friend Alexandra. She is an expert seamstress, I am always bowled over by her sewing prowess. She has made beautiful clothes for herself and others and she also makes the most amazing bags. And she sent me one of her bags, woohoo! Take a look at these pics and you'll understand why I am so delighted with it -

I can't get over all the amazing details, it really is a fabulous bag and I love it!

You know that over the winter, while we were in the UK, I didn't get to any flea markets or antique fairs, and I was having severe withdrawal symptoms, lol. But what do you know, there was a little brocante on Sunday about 50mins drive from our cottage and it was sheer bliss being able to womble along stalls with lovely old things and haggle over a little treasure or two :-). I didn't get much, but I'll take pics of what I did get and show you later in the week.

Thats all for now, its great to have you visiting, thank you and toodlepip xxx


Dorthe said...

Dear Liz,
I ,too am a big admirerer of Alex`s fantastic bags. Your gift is so wonderful, -what a big and perfect job, she did, making this for you. So sweet with all the bold colours of fabrics, and all the sweetness of details.
Dear friend, I wish you happy days in your cottage, filled with son and brocantes.
Big hug and kisses,

Rhonda said...

I just adore your posts. I am in awe of women who can create bags like this. I cannot even make a pouch.

I cannot wait to see you newest finds!

Lilbitbrit said...

I do like the bag it reminds me a little of Dutch Sisters.

Alexandra Eitel said...

Süße ich freu mich dass sie dir sooooo gut gefällt :) Lass es dir gutgehen in Frankreich, ich denke ihr hatte heute genauso tolles Wetter wie wir hier. Mein könnte fast meinen der Sommer ist da.
hugs und kunddels

suziqu's thread works said...

Hello my Birthday girfriend,
What an amazing bag Alex has created for you. There is so much work and detail in this colourful bag with different fabrics, braid and even some lace!
And you have photographed it so beautifully too Liz!
Sending you many big Birthday hugs and love,
PS Hope my Birthday "card" arrives to you this morning!!!

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hello dear Liz,
I also admirer Alex's beautiful bags.
The one she creared for you is just perfect. Have a wonderful time at the cottage. Sending hugs and love,

Judys Fabrications said...

WOW< Alex's bag is fabulous.Lucky you!!
Glad you're happily settled in at the cottage.