Friday, 16 January 2015

A tag or two or.......

A lot of my crafting time is taken up by making tags, mostly tags I send out with orders from my Etsy shop. They are fairly simple tags, but hopefully they will come in handy either as a book mark or a gift tag. And I also try and play along at Tag Tuesday. Almost every week, lol. This week's theme at TT was DIVA. That word conjures up images of glamorous women, fabulous gowns, sparkling jewels and above all drama. I just had to go with a dramatic black and silver theme for this tag.

I had some lovely black paper with a raised silver design, which I used for the background. Then I went to my bling box and dug out some vintage Swarovski trim for the bottom of the tag, and also cut up another vintage Swarowski trim and used the individual flowers on the tag. And of course she had to have a very blingy necklace ( a tiny length of diamante trim ). I framed the word DIVA with the tiniest bit of red, for a teensy splash of colour. I thought this very decorative silver trivet from France made a suitably dramatic background to photograph the tag on.

And here is a bunch of customer tags I have made recently. Most of the time I forget to photograph them, or I am too rushed to get a package in the post to take pics, but you got a few here -

Toodlepip xxx


Betsy said...

So pretty, I love the tags you make, especially the ones I own!!! They are so lovely and have a quiet sense of beautiful, I keep them on the picture frame that I store my necklaces on. I should post about that!

trisha too said...

Beautiful tags, all of them!


Tee said...

They are all gorgeous tags!

Laura Turner said...

I would buy something from your Etsy store just to get one of these fabulous tags! I love them!

Judys Fabrications said...

Love those eevr-so-pretty tags!

WinnibriggsHouse said...

I love your tags too, and am in awe of the work you put into them to send out with parcels! I just took a sneaky peep at you Etsy stire and you have some lovely things. I was amazed to see as well the parcel carriers you have for sale. I picked up 4 of those from an Antique show here in the UK last year and had almost forgotten about them!

Dorthe said...

Liz, I`m amazed over all the tags you are creating, and that you are not running out of ideas, for them- they are all so beautiful.
And should it maybe be Gina Lolobrigida you chosed for your fantastic Diva tag,-
what a gorgeous and beautifully almost dramatic tag, with all the lovely bling and glitter.
So wonderful dear Liz.
Hugs from Dorthe

Niki Fretwell - Fairy Maker said...

Lovely work! Tags have really come into their own these days...I remember as a child (don't we all?) cutting up old Christmas and Birthday cards with pinking shears and that was the nearest we got to hand-making tags :)
Your bird tags are particularly lovely.
Niki x