Friday, 18 January 2019

A little bit of progress

Well, that horrid lurgy which seems to have floored lots and lots of people I know floored me as well, and for the last couple of weeks I did not do much more than coughing coughing, coughing and feeling like death warmed up. The last few days have been much better and although the cough persists, I am feeling human again, yay. So I picked up the avocado dyed stuff again, and searched through some antique and vintage quilt pieces to match it. Found one! It is really thick, but I didn't want to mess with it. Decided to make a little needlekeep with it. Nowhere near finished yet, but I thought a little progress report was in order :-) - 

I am enjoying the slow progress of hand stitching, it is quite relaxing and somehow comforting. I might get this finished in a few days, lol. When I say slow, I really mean SLOW :-).

Almost weekend, have a great one wherever you are! Toodlepip xxx


Roosterhead Designs said...

Hello Liz, I was so happy to see your beautiful needle-keep! Reminding me of how much I (too) love the 'comfort' of hand-sewing~ Each piece of lace addition is soft and lovely! And sweet little 'stones' to add a bit of bling : ) Thanks for sharing and I hope you feel Much better very soon. Hugs, karen o

Dorthe said...

Liz , it looks absolutely gorgeous . Love the old quilt piece , and your laces . The flower looks adorable there among the rhinestones .
I`m happy you are feeling so much better dear friend- a lovely weekend to you - xoxoxoxo

suziqu's thread works said...

Oh that is looking so sweet with your lovely quilt piece, vintage lace and dyed lace flower Liz so soft and delicate! Hope that cough leaves you soon! Jeff and I both had this a few weeks ago and not nice at all!
Look after yourself with little steps!
Hugs and love,
Suzy xxxxx

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

Your needle book is lovely, Liz! I hope you feel even better today. Have fun stitching!

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

This is gorgeous Liz.
I love the faded beauty of the old quilt fabric - it’s perfect with your avo dyed lace!
Hand stitching is so very therapeutic and gives a real sense of achievement once completed.
Yeah for you and your first ‘finish’ of 2019 ✔️!!!
I had the lingering cough last winter - stay warm and cosy by the fire with a hot toddy or two!