Monday, 28 December 2015

Christmas was Beautiful!

Oh dear, very, very long post, but this is like my diary, so needs to be done, lol.

I count myself really incredibly lucky that we have a wonderful family, who can come together at Christmas time without any hiccups, without any nastiness, without the stress and problems so many families seem to encounter at this time of the year. We take things easy, and just have oodles and oodles of fun and laughter together. But before we get to Christmas proper, I wanted to post some photos of Christmassy gifts received from bloggy friends. I think pics are in the order I received them.

First, our dear dear Dorthe sent me these beautiful gifts -

You might see these and others again later in the Christmas photos :-).

Then, a little package arrived from Karen B, and I was thrilled to receive one of her beautiful Christmas Tree ornaments -

My lovely friend Alexandra sent me this beautifully made Christmas card -

This arrived from darling Julia, it goes so perfectly with our Christmas decorations -

Sweet Marie sent this beautiful Madonna card, typical Marie touches with the glittered crown and the lace trim -

And dearest Suzy surprised me with this beautiful wall hanging and card -

I wish I could give you all a real thank-you hug, I would love that.

What with the auctions on my blog, Gizmo's adoption and taking part in the various auctions on the charities' sites, it was last minute decorating for Christmas this year, and as always, my youngest son Nicholas upheld tradition and dit it together with me.

I love having cards and gifts from my blogger friends as part of our decorations, you'll probably spot some from previous years as well. I am not posting all of the very silly pictures, I would probably get shot if I did, lol, its just a (fairly safe) selection. So here goes, Christmas 2015 -

And then the family arrived, first my daughter in law with Grace and Emily ( Stefan had to work, but joined us later ) with little Gizmo -

Grace with Uncle Nicholas -

Oldest son Chris -

All three sisters together, Paige, Grace and Emily -

Stefan, proud dad of the girls -

Popeye with Gizmo -

Nanny and Stefan -

and my darling husband -

Then the fun started, lol, with opening the stockings and all the silly presents, funny hats, moustaches etc - 

I don't know how Gizmo managed to sleep through all the noise

So many more pics, but I am too tired to add more, lol.

Are you looking forward to 2016? New adventures, new challenges?

Toodlepip xxx


Judys Lace Creations said...

Lovely post Liz.So nice to see a happy family Christmas and lots of silliness!!Love the gifts and decorations.

Rita C. said...

Love your Christmas sharing, Liz. Your tree is beautiful, and I absolutely love the ornament from Karen B. It's beautiful! Happy New Year!
Rita C at Panoply

lynn cockrell said...

You cetainly did have a beautiful Christmas. So glad your family was able to be there having fun with you and your husband. Your grands are beautiful. They make Christmas so much more special and sweet. How fortunate you have to have received all those lovely gifts from blogging friends! Your home is decorated so beautifully for Christmas, tree and everything else too. Wishing you a blessed New Year in 2016.

Elizabethd said...

You had such a lovely family time. This is the first Christmas that we have been apart, and hospitals aren't the most exciting places to be at Christmas!

Dorthe said...

Oh my dear Liz, you had such a beautiful, and wonderful Christmas, with all your family in your home, for the feast.
And thank you dear friend, for showing my gifts, I`m happy to see the angel on your tree, which is stunning in silver,and white.
Also your other gifts are lovely, and the hanger from dear Suzy is so gorgeous, as is the card, too. The card from Marie, and the tree from Karen, everything made with love in our hearts, for,you.
Wonderful to see all your sweet family, having fun together, and Gizmo already a happy part of it all !!
Hugs from me- xxx

Lesley UK said...

What a wonderful Christmas, You deserve it for the outstanding work you have done for those innocent animals. Could you please contact me at Blessings

Scarlet Stevenson said...

It seems you had a great Christmas! Though I had no ability to spent it with my family I had a really great time with my team from and it was one of the Best Christmas I ever remember. Have a nice New Year!

Roosterhead Designs said...

Hello dear Liz~
I'm so happy to see you had such a lovely Christmas! First with all the beautiful blog-friend gifts (such treasures from so many sweet and talented gals) but of course so nice to see you had such a wonderful time with your dear family! What a great holiday you've had~ You truly deserve it Liz : ) What a beautiful home you have as well! Happy all went well and you had some fun!
I will be. Emailing you today. I'm having problems with my computer and had to use my Kindle to write this! I can barley see the page! Bless you, Karen O

Barbara Jean said...

Love the cream and white art piece with the tree.
and what fun to see your family pics.

Good to see you again.

Betsy said...

I don't know why I forget to take pictures on Christmas!!! Love your pictures!!! I'm going to look at them again tomorrow on the computer instead of my phone!!!