Tuesday, 14 October 2014

A most delightful swap and an autumn pic

Before I show you the swap package, I wanted to post a photo for this week's AUTUMN theme over at the Our Beautiful World blog -

Our little lane is covered in prickly chestnuts from the ancient trees in our top field.

And now the swap! -

A little while ago, my darling friend Suzy of the wonderful Suziqusthreadworks blog suggested a swap, her beautiful and sumptuous luxurious fabrics for my gorgeous old French laces. Took me all of a millisecond to scream YES!!!! Suzy has the most amazing collection of fabrics. If you have ever had the pleasure of holding one of her collages or corsages or fabric books, then you'll know what I am talking about. Silks, velvets, satins and lace fabrics in rich deep colours, absolutely to die for. I was so cross with my camera, it just wouldn't pick up the colours properly, but I hope that with a little imagination you'll be able to tell how beautiful they are -

I wish you could feel all these gorgeous fabrics! I would have loved to take lots more photos of all these, but my poor camera just couldn't cope. The colours are so much richer and deeper than my lens could capture them.

I hope that one day I will be able to do justice to the amazing fabrics.

And you know what else was in the package? One of Suzy's stunning collages! That one photographed much better, thank goodness -

All those layers, all those embellishments, I just adore her work so much.

Well, dang, I totally forgot to tell you all that we are at the cottage in France for a couple of weeks! It is so peaceful and quiet and I am so happy to be back here. Hopefully we'll have some good weather for a few days so that we can do the work in the garden. I didn't take any craft stuff at all with me, but I do have some crochet hooks, knitting needles and wool here. I love sitting by the fire with a bit of knitting or crochet, might just have to start another blanket ;-).

Toodlepip, xxx


May said...

O MY WORD... All that yummy fabric...I can't wait to see what you get up too...the hanging is SPECTACULAR... so many Beautiful layers... you will treasure this always I'm sure..enjoy your time at your French cottage...Hugs May x x

Rhonda said...

So pretty, Liz. You will really be inspired to create with all of those wonderful colors and textures.

Robyn Oliver said...

Hi Liz, what a lovely Autumn photo - this is something we wouldn't really see in Australia...thanks for sharing with OBW, Cheers Robyn

Nook and Cranny said...

Beautiful photo of the found items.
Stunning, stunning hanging!
Thanks for sharing.

Manuela said...

beautiful shot, love all the fruits of the autumn, thanks for sharing with us at "OBW"

W Green said...

Sigh... so here are two of my favourite things combined. Three actually. Autumn, Suzy's gorgeous work and beautiful fabrics. Great Autumn shot! Hope you'll soon be friends again with your camera, lol.

Thanks for joining in again at OBW!

Hugs, Wendy

Elizabeth said...

Please come and look at my first set of tags...inspired of course by you!

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi dear Liz,
just playing catch up tonight.Tfs the beautiful autumn photo with us. Oh, you lucky gal I adore dear Suzy's work too. Love whatshe send you. Enjoy your time in France and have a great weekend.
Sending big hugs,

Dorthe said...

Hello my sweet Liz,
how wonderful you are back for some weeks in your beautiful France!
And OHHH MY! the fabrics from dear Suzy are just gorgeous all, what amazing ones, she has collected!
The collage is a most beautiful work of art, and I love the soft colours ,used, the woman looks exatly as Suzy gave her a "real" wig!! Stunning work!!
Dear,I wish you a wonderful French weekend, ..we have been visiting the kids almost all ,this last week,- and had wonderful dayes, together !
Warm hug and much love, Dorthe

Ros Crawford said...

I absolutely love roasted chestnuts!! Great photo! ... Thanks so much for sharing with us at OBW!!

Createology said...

Lace and fabrics really make me swoon. However I am seriously having the vapors over Suzy's beautiful lace collage. Blissful Beauties...