Sunday, 29 June 2014

Jumping for Joy

We ignored the weather forecast, the big black clouds and the occasional rain drop and went to a brocante this morning. I am so glad we did! I might have gotten a bit damp round the edges but it was so worth it. Just for two things really. I got a couple of other little bits but these two things were majorly fantastic. First off, we found a big set of Sarreguemines dinnerware, perfect for the annual neighbours' getogether which we are hosting this year. Lots of different sized plates and in such a very pretty vintage design. I haven't taken any photos of the set yet, thought I do that this afternoon, but now we are in the middle of a thunderstorm, so it will have have to wait.

The thing which really got me jumping for joy though I did manage to photograph. You'll probably think me totally crackers to go doolally over this, but, it is going to look so awesome when I finally get my craft room here and I can hang all my treasured gifts from my friends on it.

Well, what is it? It is the most fabulous, huge, vintage French wine bottle drying rack, but not in the usual round form, this is a great big wall mountable piece! Look, look! -

Can you imagine this covered in beautiful collages, hearts, bags etc? I sure can.

A couple of other things to show you. How about this bowl full of the most gorgeous ivory coloured ribbons? Aren't they pretty? All different sizes -

Actually, that was just wishful thinking. Those gorgeous 'silk' ribbons are asparagus peelings! :-). But they did look so pretty in the bowl.

Got to show you the last Tag Tuesday tag as well. The theme was EPHEMERA, and this is the tag I came up with -

Dang, was going to post the ATCs I received as well, but got to get out into veggie patch, the rain has just stopped and the thunderstorm is quite distant now. Going to pick the first Mange Tout of the season, woohoo!!!

Toodlepip xxx


Dorthe said...

Liz, that is surely a WONDERFUL A find my dear, oh and it will looks amazing on your studio wall, and with different art pieces from friends. It is gorgeous ,even as a kind of sculpture :-) Congratulations on that and all the plates ,you also found- great day for sure.
You almost fooled me with the "ribbons" you, teaser ;-)
Hope your rest of sunday will be wonderful ,too- dear .
Hugs and a lovely evening.
Dorthe xxx

Analia Cristina said...

Estupendos trabajos,los decapados estan bellisimos y la tag me encanta!!

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Liz,
what a treasure and yes, I can just picture it on your wall with all kinds of art work from your friends.
What a lucky day you had.
Have a wonderful evening.

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

OMG Lizzie, What a fabulous find!!! It was certainly worth to get a bit or even a lot wet for this bottle drying rack. I would have done the happy dance too.
Your tag is very pretty.
Have a lovely evening!

Vicki Boster said...

Liz- the wine rack is a truly wonderful find and will be perfect in your craft room!! Anxious for those photos someday!

White asparagus is a pure delight-- the bowl of peelings is lovely!!

There's something special I think about thunderstorms-- I love the way they make the air smell so clean--

Have a wonderful day:)

June said...

I can definitely see why you are jumping up and down over this piece Liz. Yes, I can see just covered with gorgeous stuff!

Marci said...

The wine bottle dryer is fantastic. What a find! You fooled me with the asparagus peelings. I like the chair and wooden box, too. Lovely tag.

morkaren said...

Sikke du der var heldig, den flasketørrer er genial, dejlig stor så du kan jo også få plads til nogle af de dejlige ting du selv laver, trækassen har jeg magen til. knus morkaren.

WinnibriggsHouse said...

Awesome...I would just about fit all my reels of embroidery thread on lucky thing!!

Betsy said...

So fun! LOVE THE BOTTLE RACK for a wall! That is going to be amazing for your tags and such. I can see it now in my mind's eye... That is what I need in MY yard! All those cider bottle, you know...and I have been specifically looking for something I could place in front of our Heat Pump to hang my gardening tools on in my flower garden. I was thinking an old gate or something, but this is perfect...glad you found it for your own perfect uses!...and your asparagus pretty, Love your tag, it is wonderful! I love old maps, did you know that?
Love your french chair and that tray with the beehive in it...I have a few bee hives myself...old and NEW with bees in them, in the yard.
Take care, love the pictures!