Tuesday, 17 June 2014

I got to say that a week and a half back in the UK is definitely not enough to get everything on my list done. On top of it all, my main computer is dead! Yes, I have my laptop which I use in France, and I also have lots of things backed up onto an external drive, but, waahhh, a lot of my word docs were on the main computer, and some photos and, well you know, just stuff. Bought a new HDD today and hopefully my son will be able to install it for me tonight. And then I'll have to spend ages to transfer stuff from the external HDD onto the main computer etc etc, you all know what it entails - many hours of tedious work.

Another thing hit me when I was going to make tags for my son to include with Etsy purchases when he sends them out for me from the UK when we are in Frane - all my docs with the ready to print tag pages, which took me ages to prepare, were on the main computer! So, instead I gathered up all sorts of bits and pieces which I had printed out over time and kept, and made tags with what I had available, even the Tag Tuesday tag for this week.

Tag Tuesday tag first. The theme for this week is Tag on Tag, and somehow I ended up with tag on tag on tag, lol. The theme had suggested something hidden to me, hence the peek-a-boo, but then I had to hide the peek-a-boo as well and ended up with three tags -

And these are the other tags I made from bits and pieces -

I am feeling slightly tagged out now, lol.

Wish me luck with the computer.

We are going back to France on Saturday, still got tons to do before then, so I am not sure whether I'll be around in blogland for the next few days. Once we are back in the cottage and have got on top of all the chores there ( weeding, grass mowing etc etc ) then I'll be back to visit all your lovely blogs.

Toodlepip xxx


Menagerie Soaps said...

Lovely tags! Safe travels.

Marci said...

They ate all so pretty!

Marci said...

Supposed to be ARE all so pretty:))

morkaren said...

Sikke skønne tags du har lavet, og så er der jo mange, jeg håber du får styr på dine PC problemer, jeg har selv prøvet det, jeg tror det var i januar, og der er meget som jeg stadig ikke kan finde. god ferie og knus morkaren.

Rhonda said...

Liz, your tags are ALWAYS my favorite!! Adore this batch, wow!!

I hope you get your computer issues fixed and all set up again. I would be insane if I lost all of my images...better get another drive...

Dorthe said...

Wow, Liz,
You have been so productive, and they are so beautiful all. Your bits and pieces made adorable tags, dear.
The ones for Tag Tuesday are gorgeous, I love the tag on tag on tag ! and each is so sweet and adorable . I hope your son have installed your new computer, -congratulations- and I hope you will have no problems filling it with all your saved treasures from the external HDD.
Remember to go to sleep before the night ends again :-)
Hugs and kisses-

Lynn Stevens said...

Oh my gosh, What fabulous tags Liz, Don't know if I could pick a favorite.
Have a safe trip to France. bet you can't wait to hit the yardsales!
hugs Lynn

May said...

Gorgeous tags as always... have a safe trip... you are such a busy girl... Hugs May x x

Betsy said...

You, my dear girl, are so creative! you could make lint in the corner look gorgeous!!! Love all the tags, the layered one is exceptionally cute! soory about your computer...I do indeed feel for you...."Bwa, ha ha ah...." **sad face**....
better luck in France.
Are you ever in France in February??? ;)

Betsy said...

I better back up all my images on my external drive.....Many of them are already there. but not all!
Good reminder!

Betsy said...

I better back up all my images on my external drive.....Many of them are already there. but not all!
Good reminder!