Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Globe de Mariee

Coveted, lusted after, longed for and finally found, a Globe de Mariee.

You can't imagine how happy I was when I finally got it. I had seen an advertisement for it, but I wasn't sure that my still limited French would be good enough to phone the seller and talk to him about it. So, to the rescue came our wonderful friend Franck, who did all the arranging for me, and on Sunday afternoon we set of on a 1 1/2 hour drive to see the Globe. The gentleman who was selling it was lovely, so friendly and full of smiles. He told us that the Globe de Mariee had come from his wife's mother's family, years and years ago ( insert typically French gesture of throwing hand over shoulder and going 'ouffff' with a very expressive face, lol ). It dates back to around 1870, Napoleon III era, and it is absolutely jaw droppingly gorgeous. Yes, the glass dome has a crack in it. Do I care? No. Because whats inside is absolutely perfect. See for yourself -

I took the glass dome off for the photos, so that you can see the details properly -

The actual couronne de mariee resting on the velvet cushion is in perfect condition, the wax flowers still beautifully soft white. Also pinned to the velvet are a boutonniere and a tiny spray of wax flowers.

The mirror at the top is so prettily engraved with a bird and flower design -

 The velvet cushion is studded with tiny little flowers, can you see them peeking through the wax flowers and buds? -

Such beauty!

One of these days I must read up again on what the various bits and pieces mean. I am sure I read somewhere a while ago that the ornaments and mirrors have special meaning. I'll let you know if and when I find out.

I did find out, I saw the information on this lovely blog - Fete et Fleur -

The meanings behind symbols

The orange blossom for virginity

The rose for eternal love

The daisy for innocence or purity

Ivy leaves symbolized commitment

Lime leaves symbolized fidelity

The tree was a symbol of strength and love

Ears of wheat were symbols of fertility or referred to the resurrection of life. They often represented the number 7 to recall the 7 days of the week.

Four-leaf clovers, a symbol of good luck

The fig leaf for prosperity, often paired with clusters of grapes

The oak leaf for longevity and strength to the couple

The presence of a bird holding a laurel wreath meant that as the bird makes its nest, the woman builds her family. A dove expresses the desire for peace in the home.

Joined hands symbolized the union of the couple

The shapes, numbers and positions of mirrors had varied meanings in the overall composition of the Globe de Mariage.

The central mirror evokes the reflection of the soul, the truth

Rectangular mirrors were related to the number of years between the couple’s meeting and the promised marriage

The oval mirrors were good luck gifts offered by the bridesmaids

The number of small diamond-shaped mirrors represented the number of children the couple wished for

The trapezoidal mirror symbolized the perfect agreement

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Mom E. said...

So gorgeous! I love the....well, everything! but the details are amazing! The red stones and velvet are beautiful against the gold. I look forward to hearing about the meanings of the different elements to this.
The wax flowers are in fantastic shape, and I do love the metal flowers in the velvet, are they pinned in with straight pins? And those beveled mirrors...just beautiful!
Who would even care about the crack in the dome!
What an absolutely wonderful find! So happy for you!

Rita C. said...

This is beautiful Liz, and so well kept! It always amazes me to see things over a century year old or more still have such life - the colors are still vibrant. Lucky you!

Jennifer Pearson Vanier said...

Stunning! Sad it is now away from its original family, however it couldn't a better "new home." Looking forward to whatever you discover about these incredible pieces.

Marci said...

It's incredibly beautiful!

JoAnne said...

You lucky girl! It's gorgeous Liz. Enjoy!

May said...

Gorgeous...I could gaze at this for hours...Love the meanings for each are so lucky to own this amazing piece! enjoy!...Hugs May x x x

Dorthe said...

Oh dearest Liz,
congratulations on this fabolous find and is just amazingly beautiful, and a very special piece for you to have in your home. I loved reading the meaning behind all the lovely little pieces !!
Sending you love.
Dorthe xxxx

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Liz,
This is truly fabulous. How we wish that it were!

The details in every respect are wonderful, the engraving on the glass, the sprays of flowers, the buttoning on the velvet. It is surely in this great attention to detail that makes your 'Globe de Mariee' so delightfully enchanting. And where, we wonder, will you display this fine piece. Surely it would grace even the most splendid of Drawing Rooms.........or will it be placed as a totally over the top decorative item in a large bathroom? Whatever, we could certainly give it a home if you tire of it!

We have found your most intriguing blog whilst wandering through the Blogosphere and are now your latest followers. We, should you be interested, are just a click away.

Hettienne Grobler said...

Oh my heart! this is absolutely gorgeous! Maybe you would like to share it with other readers on Mondays with Mary? every Monday!

Lorraine said...

Hi Liz--Oh, wow, congratulations on a fabulous find!! It is exquisite, museum quality, really! I love how there is meaning behind each lovely element. Makes you wonder about the couple, who were they, what did they look like, what was their story...
Lucky you, enjoy!! ~Lorraine ♥♥♥

Ana K. said...

Really stunning piece!

suziqu's thread works said...

Oh my goodness Liz! This is truly astonishing! No wonder you had an interpreter to help you purchase such an amazing piece. The details are extraordinary from the beautiful gold work, the birds, the wax flowers, the gold buttons on the red velvet and those amazing little gold framed bevelled mirrors!
Everything is in such amazing condition and the cracked dome only adds to the aged beauty.
Gorgeous, gorgeous!
Now we need to see it sitting in its new home.
Sending much "Globe de Mariee" love - I can see you smiling from here!

Mom E. said...

Oh, I loved reading about the significance of the pieces under the globe! I am so glad you were able to find somehing you had longed for and brings you such joy! It is absoluetly gorgeous!