Friday, 10 January 2014

I am excited

Oh yes, I am! Because my darling friend Suzy from the sublime Suziq's Threadworks blog has finally put some exquisite creations in her Etsy shop and I bought one of them! I adore her creations, I am so lucky to have some of them already, but when she created some stunning wearable art, I just had to have one of the pieces. Most of you will have seen her new wearable collages on her blog already, but I am so excited, I just have to show you the one I picked -

It wasn't easy choosing one, because all three are incredibly beautiful. If you are quick, you might still be able to find the other two in her Etsy shop HERE, but hurry, they won't be there for long.

My very own one is on the way to me now, yay! AND............. I have also ordered a new lens for my camera, nothing special but a little bit better than the one which broke. So, hopefully I will have the camera working again for when my gorgeous new Suziq Original arrives, and I'll be able to show you all the wonderful details.

I think until I can take photographs again with my proper camera, I will sort through my pics from France and find some which I haven't shown you gals yet. I am sure there are some which I took of some interesting buildings etc which haven't made it onto the blog yet.

Until tomorrow, toodlepip xxx


Kelly_Deal said...

How beautiful Liz! Off to take a look at Suzi's etsy shop!

trisha too said...

Well wow, you weren't kidding--what a gorgeous piece!


Createology said...

Suzy's work is so beautiful. How delightful that you are adding to your collections. Blissful...

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

I love everything our dear Suzy creates.
Yours is a very special piece that you will treasure forever Liz!
Good to hear you will have your new camera lens soon!

suziqu's thread works said...

Dearest Liz
It thrills me that you love this brooch so much. I hope it is every bit as nice as what you have envisaged when it arrives with the postie.
Thank you dear friend for the shout out!
I'm hoping this new camera lens is going to serve you well. I know how much you are hanging out for it to arrive!
Talk again soon!
Sending you sunny hugs through the clouds!

Sandies' Patch said...

Aaargh! My blue eyes have turned green with envy! joking! Suzis' works of art are wonderful though I have to agree.

Jan Tanis said...

It's beautiful!! What a work of art! ♥

Rhonda said...

The beautiful layering detail on this piece is WONDERFUL. Suzy is an amazing artist!!

Dorthe said...

Dear Liz,-you lucky girl,- this is absolutely amazing, and was also my favorite, as I love that P.W. image so much, and also the clock part!!
You have to show us a picture with you wearing this gorgeous piece, when it arrives ;-)--
Happy saturday evening my friend- does it also rain in your street ??

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Oh, you lucky girl:)The brooches are to die for.

Robin said...

What a gorgeous piece you chose Liz!