Thursday, 9 January 2014

A Tag Tuesday/Grey Dey Thursdey post

I was going to take some lovely GREY pics today after picking up my repaired Nikon lens. My lens isn't repaired. It is not going to get repaired either. Geez, I just hate this society where it costs more to have something repaired than it does buying the same thing new. So I picked my broken lens up and took it home and would love to send it to Nikon with my compliments. What a crappy lens - 5 repairs under warranty, none of which solved the problem permanently and now a £70+ repair, which in all likelihood will have the same results, going wrong again in no time. So all I can offer as my contribution to the wonderful GREY DEY THURSDEY party is a couple of photos of this week's TAG TUESDAY tag, taken with my little old FinePix camera.

The theme over at Tag Tuesday was SHELTERS/HOMES, and it immediately made me think of the saying - Home is where the Heart is. And my heart is firmly attached to our cottage in France. So of course the tag had to have a photo of the cottage on it!

You can visit GREY DEY THURSDEY here, and TAG TUESDAY here.

Toodlepip xxx


Paola T. said...

Hi Lululiz, I like very much your tag, very romantic! A hug from Italy. Paola from

suziqu's thread works said...

Oh and that is why we love antiques and vintage so much because things were built to last and there was pride in the production! I really feel for you girl especially when you have been so very fond of that trusty camera!

In spite of everything you really have produced a beautiful tag for us again here of your cosy cottage in France with your golden oldie backup.
I find it so inviting especially with the heart and hope I can visit your home there one day - sigh!!!
Love and silver hugs,

Createology said...

Very sad that today most things are made to be disposal and not affordable to repair. Your tag is lovely. Creative Bliss..

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Your tag is just beautiful,dear Liz.
What a shame they couldn't fix the lens.Have a wonderful weekend.


Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

I share your disdain of this 'throw away society' Liz!
It's disrespectful.
We were told by an engineer friend working for a notable appliance manufacturer that part of the design team's brief, was to factor into an appliance a life of "x number of uses".
I wonder how future societies will look back on this era we live in?

Love your tag Liz and the quote.
Love your gorgeous cottage too!
I must get on to my tag - I'm really dragging the chain this year!

Dorthe said...

Liz, I would be so mad,too....
it`s the same with everything now--- no reparing lasts as they are not built to last!!!
Your wonderful home in France ,makes a beautiful grey dey tag, with the speaking heart !!
Hugs and hope you will soon find another good camera! xx

Mom E. said...

Liz! Such a lovely tag....I forgot you were waiting for that dratted camera lens to be fixed...what a pain! Kim has an absolutely fantastic camera....but it is an old film camera. My digital one has been alright. I was glad when it worked properly! Hope you are able to have a lens that works well sometime!
Your tag is beautiful! I htought of multiple verses for tags, I could make three more with different versese! HA! Like that willever happen!
Love your tag with the cottage on it. . .sigh...Suzy and I will just have to visit together....

May said...

Things are just not made to last these's very frustrating to say the least not to mention the expense ...I am surprised at a big company like Nikon not replacing the lens free of charge....
Your tag is Beautiful Love the background & the pic of your beloved cottage is perfect...Hugs May x x x

Karen B. said...

Sweet Liz,

I just love your tag!! So pretty!

Many hugs,
Karen B. Todolwen

Rhonda said...

The same goes for printers, might as well buy a new one than get one fixed. So wrong.

Ah, your cottage tugs at my heart. Fabulous tag, Liz.