Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Victorian Flowers on Blissful Whites Wednesday plus a couple of TT tags and EIM inchies

When we came back to the UK after our summer in France, I managed to catch one of the last outdoor boot fairs of the year, and to my delight, one of my favourite sellers was there. I had bought a number of Victorian scraps from this lovely gentleman over the past few years on the rare occasions he had a stall at the boot fair. This time round, I bought a small bag full of delightful pieces rescued from a Victorian scrap book. To me they look like they have been very carefully cut from greeting cards. For this BLISSFUL WHITES WEDNESDAY, I picked a few scraps featuring gorgeous WHITE flowers -

Soooo sweet!

I am also trying to get catch up with all the tags and inchies challenges I have missed over the last couple of months. Haven't gotten very far yet, lol, but I made a couple of inchies and a couple of tags. 

This is one of the catch-up tags, theme was EGYPT -

For the background I used a panel of hieroglyphics, cut out Egyptian columns, and the bust of Nefertiti. What a beauty! Instead of using tassels, I finished off the bottom of the tag with an Egyptian gold ornament.

This week's tag theme was PROVERBS. I chose 'An Englishman's home is his castle' for the tag. The background on this tag is is Warkworth Castle in Northcumberland, reputedly haunted, as any good castle should be of course. I just added a smart looking Victorian gentleman, a few bits of greenery and of course the proverb itself -

Gosh, I missed so many inchies as well. I have only made two catch-up ones so far, SONG -

Thats all for today. As always, its great to see you here! Toodlepip xxx

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lynn cockrell said...

What a lovely post! The lace doilies are wonderful as backgrounds.