Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Last Boot Fair of the year?

I don't often go to indoor boot fairs, as they are usually very much lacking in vintage things, and I really don't want piles of clothes, heaps of toys or general household stuff. But I was suffering brocante withdrawal symptoms so I went to the last Tesco indoor ( carpark ) boot fair of the year.

I bought stacks of books, crime, mystery, fantasy, science fiction, but not much else. A little heavily tarnished silver dish and some bling. Can't have been all that bad, lol, if I came away with bling, right?

The sweet little silver dish -

Faux pearls with sparkling crystals -

And brooches, lovely vintage brooches -

I also made my Tag Tuesday challenge tag on time, woohoo. The theme was Black and White. I used scrunched up tissue paper over a white tag and highlighted the raised bits with a silver ink pad. I thought the black lace rose would be perfect for this tag, I had it quite a while and it had been patiently waiting to be used. I added a little bit of bling, some pearls and that was the tag done -

Toodlepip xxx


Elizabethd said...

Lovely 'bling'!

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

I love your tag, dear Lizzie! It's fabulous and looks very elegant.
What a shame that the boot fair season is over. The dish is pretty and you found some lovely bling.
Have a happy day, dear friend!

Joy said...

Can't beat a bit of bling Madam. Love the little silver dish too. xx

Mom E. said...

**jumping up and down**, "the necklaces, the necklace...." I am hyperventilating" ...and that lovely silver tray.....pitter, pat goes my heart!":

Yeah, you know me...those brooches are lovely and that rhinestone necklace....yeah, THAT too!
hugs, I will just moon over your lovelies, except the things I mentioned....save them for me!

Mom E. said...

Oh, and the ring with the leaf on it???? I know the leaf is separate, but...*BIG SIGH*! gorgeousness itself...

Vicki Boster said...

Girlfriend-- you seemed to have scored pretty well at the sale-- some lovely jewelry pieces for sure. You must have a nose for finding all the good stuff!!

Your little tag is lovely-- they all are.

Sending you love as the holiday season begins--


suziqu's thread works said...

Glad you made the most of the boot fair for the year dear Liz. Looks like you'll have lots of reading for the holidays now!
Love your silver plated bowl - beautiful design! I have a similar one would you believe?
And a girl can't have too much bling now can she? Even to create with that is!
Hope you are going well my dear friend.
Hope to catch up soon!
Big warm Wintery (maybe snowing!) hugs,

Konok Kausik said...

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