Tuesday, 2 April 2013


Spring might not have sprung outside yet, it is still bitterly cold, but it certainly has arrived inside my home. In the form of a parcel from dear Vicki, nest maker extraordinaire.  Yes, you guessed it, my nests from Vicki are here, and I am such a happy bunny! Many of you will have seen, coveted, or even held Vicki's amazing nests, they really are the most beautiful creations. I finally ordered two nests, one for our home in the UK, and one for our home in France, last year. And here they are. This is how they arrived, beautifully wrapped in tissue paper stamped with the sweetest bird nests -

Isnt' that just the cutest little birdie tag?

Deep breath, carefully peeling back the tissue paper, and there it is, the shabby chic nest in all its white glory -

I carefully took it out and rested it on a chalice -

and then spent ages oohing and aahing over all the beautiful laces and embellishments. Vicki said she had used some of her mother's laces in the creation of these nests as well, I wonder which ones?

Two sweet little eggs were nestled in the middle of the nest -

Isn't it just so breathtakingly beautiful?

Yep, but just as beautiful is this one, the woodland nest, oh my -

Such a profusion of beautiful soft greens and browns, just like taking a walk in the woods. See the tiny little duck blue eggs?

There are so many beautiful embellishments

And here they both are. Now I just need to make a decision which one to take to France and which one to keep here in the UK. That is going to be sooooo difficult!

Thank you so much for visiting. If you would like to find out more about Vicki's nests, please visit her blog here, and her Etsy shop here

Toodlepip xxx

I am linking this post to Becky's delightful Blissful Whites Wednesday party  so that lots of people can admire these wonderful nests.


JansArtyJunk said...


Karen B. said...

Sweet Liz Luv,

I love Vicki's nests so much too!!And I am sure my first one won't be my last! Love the woodland one and our Shabby~Chic nests are just so beautiful!
many hugs
Karen B. ~ Todolwen

Annie Vaughan said...

Hello Liz,
Remember me? Ive decided to dip my toe back in the water.....came back to visit your lovely blog and realised that things are just gorgeous as always xx

hope you are well

Annie xx

Sophie said...

Meine Güte, wie wunderschön...
Ich würde mich auch in diesem eleganten Nest wohlfühlen, wenn ich ein Vogel wäre.

Sophie :-)

Rhonda said...

These are so pretty, Liz. She does beautiful work.

Yitte said...

Just beautiful. let the spring sun give us a little warmth very soon.

Mom E. said...

Oh, sooo pretty! I think I need a nest, too!LOL They are beautiful and I know you will enjoy them wherever they live! I love looking at vicki's nests...they are so detailed and gorgeous!

Vicki Boster said...

Dearest Liz-- I can hardly believe they are finally there with you!! Such a journey for my little nests!!

Thank you for sharing your nests with your friends and for loving them so---(makes this Mama Bird so proud!!)

Your photos are lovely-- it was my pleasure to make these little nests for you. That you love them so much makes me so very happy--xoxo


Dorthe said...

Hello, dear nest collector-:-)
They are so beautiful, and so amazing, sweet Liz.... and I know as I myself have two, also.
A lighter green than yours, and one in white and natural colours,too- they were I think from the two first portions of nests dear Vicki created- they are so adorable,-
Now what have you desited??? which one goes with you home?
Hugs from Dorthe with a kiss, too-

Barbara Jean said...

Those are amazing!!


Tina Lou said...

I understand why you love them so...
They are wonderful!

Ellie said...

Vicki's nests are fabuously out-of-this-world. My laces nest arrived yesterday. I also have the woodland one. Both are proudly displayed in my house. They are so unique. I love them.

Congratulations to you. Thanks for sharing.

Alexandra Eitel said...

Die Nester sind der Hammer! Super klasse!

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

The nest is just beautiful,Liz.Love the sweet bird tags too.

Lynn Stevens said...

I'm seriously drooling over here and its your fault if my computer starts to shoot up sparks. LOL
Gorgeous nests.
Hugs Lynn

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Vicki's nests are unbelievably exquisite - she has an amazing talent.
Not just one but two - no wonder you are so very very happy Liz!!
They will bring you so much joy.
Shane ♥

Wendy AppleApricot said...


Thank you for sharing with us Liz, so we can join in the gasping and ooooooing and aaaahing with you!


Mom E. said...

Love the nests you got from Vicki!
Thy are both gorgeous! I am up late, can't sleep some crazy reason, checking your blog! I want to make one of these sometime!