Friday, 15 June 2012

Camping and Street views

I was a wee bit stuck this week, didn't quite know what to make as everything I could think of had already been done, and much better than I could have done it. It wasn't until I was talking to Suzy this morning about travelling all over England for windsurfing regattas many years ago that I realised that we always went camping at these events. DOH! Of course, being windsurfing events, the regattas were often held on the sea, which meant that we used to have great picnics on the beach as well.  That was it, lol, tag sorted -

The original image came from the wonderful Valerie at The Sum of all Crafts blog. I had to print it out a couple of times to get enough rocks and water to cover the tag. I used a couple of different blue Promarkers for the sky, and not wanting it to look streaky, overlaid it with blue tissue paper. The blanket comes from my son's favourite French camembert, La Rustique. I added a French baguette and a bottle of red wine to the picnic basket, a few shells on the rocks and some birds in the sky.

Darn, I want to have a picnic now, lol. Not likely to happen, it is thoroughly miserable out there.


The other challenge this week was the inchie challenge at Every Inchie Monday, and I struggled somewhat with that one as well. The theme was "Street". In the end I went with Street signs. Do you know what is even worse than trying to cut out tiny little street signs? Trying to glue them down without getting tons of glue all over my fingers.

Toodlepip xxx


Dorthe said...

Hello dear friend!
Hope your friday is happy, and sunny?
Liz ,I just love your inchie, how on earth did you manage to put all those street signs into that tiny inchie- I SOOOO understand all the glue on your fingers, sweetie.
And your tag is the true meaning of a picnic-: beautiful sea,woman-man, red/white blanket or table cloth, wine, and the baguette- wonderful both.
Wish you some warm and sunny dayes ahead.
Hugs and xx-

suziqu's thread works said...

Well I hope you have managed to get all that glue off your hands by now.
OMG! So many street name cut outs!!!
You have not only heaps of patience but heaps of immagination!
Can I come on a picnic with you to the beach? Looks like fun!
Don't think Andy will be up to windsurfing these days (LOL!).
Sending warm weather hugs for going to the beach (hehehe!).