Friday, 23 March 2012

Second WOW and third WOW!

I told you yesterday that I had two more absolutely gorgeous gifts from very dear bloggy friends. Both of them are so beautifully made, they take my breath away.

From my very dear friend Dorthe in Denmark, I received this stunning package -

Isn't this card just the loveliest? So many beautiful little details

Dorthe is one of those people who are so good at wrapping everything with so much flair, just look at this -

Inside were these lovely pieces of ephemera, and some of Dorthe's stunning skeleton leaves -

And then there was this beautifully wrapped package. Aaah, those gorgeous jewel colours! -

and inside? I squeezed it very gently, and it was soft, and my heart skipped a beat, because I thought it might just be one of Dorthe's stunning fairies or mermaids. So I opened it carefully, and then a huge smile spread across my face, because it really really was one of Dorthe's creations. And in the same gorgeous jewel colours as the packaging! WOW. -

Isn't she the prettiest little darling? She is going to live with her sisters in France, of course. Dorthe is another one of my bloggy friends, who one of these days will get the biggest RL hug, hopefully in France.

And now to the third WOW. My lovely lovely bloggy friend Suzy also sent me the most adorable gift, you are so going to drool over this one as well. I adore her style, so you can imagine how thrilled I was to receive this -

This beautiful card is so typical of her, just gorgeous -

When I took the wrapping ( dressmaking pattern paper ) off, I found this inside, something wrapped in pieces of the most sumptious fabrics -

and underneath those fabrics was this, drooooool -

All those amazing little details -
on the back, her label -

Sooooooooo beautiful -

This lady is also destined to receive a great big RL hug, lol, as she is planning to travel to France next year!

I just love my bloggy friends. I know I don't say it often enough, but it really does mean so much to me, when I read your comments, get your emails, when we exchange or receive gifts. And my silent followers, of course, who may not say much, but who are there and keep me blogging. THANK YOU SO MUCH, EVERYBODY!

Which kind of reminds me to remind you that the CELEBRATION GIVEAWAY IS ON until next Tuesday. If you haven't entered yet, you can do so on this post -

Toodlepip xxx


Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Liz,
aren't bloggy friends the best?
Both gifts are gorgeous.Enjoy your treasures from Suzy and Dorthe.
Have a wonderful weekend.

trisha too said...

Well you were not kidding, WOW, indeed!


Rhonda said...

I love it all, Liz - you deserve it, you really do!

Gorgeous gifts, I cannot imagine my life without all you blooger friends.

Count me in your giveaway, if I haven't said before. xo Rhonda

Nook and Cranny said...

Let me just say; beautiful works of art and beautiful bloggy friends.
Thanks for sharing.

vicki said...

Liz- I can not even imagine getting gifts at the same time for 2 of the most talented ladies in blog land. Both Dorthe and Suzy are creative masterminds at their crafts. They both fashion their creations with great inspiration.

No one does lace like Suzy- She works her magic like no one I've ever seen. And then there is Dorthe-- her fairies are little bits of mystical love- transformed beautifully into minature people.

You are indeed very lucky to have such beautiful gifts. Count yourself among talented artisans as well-- you also create with great imagination and beauty.

Sending hugs-

Robin said...

Blogging friends are the best!


Alexandra Eitel said...

Deine Geschenke von Dorthe und Suzy sind wirklich super super schön.
Man kann es wirklich nie oft genug sagen Blogfriends are the best :)
Hugs Alexandra