Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Important Announcements and a few tags

Before I get to the important announcements, I think I'll show you a few tags. Firstly, a very late Tag Tuesday tag from last week. The theme was Mad March, bunnies and March hares. This is what I came up with, a whole week late, sigh -

Bit different to my usual tags, but I like it, it makes me giggle.

Next, just a few simple customer tags -

This one went with a vintage bicycle repair kit, took me ages to find a nice graphic for it -

There were lots more, but I keep forgetting to take pics!

Right, and now on to the important announcements. Good grief, that sounds serious, doesn't it, lol. Its nothing bad, just something totally unplanned.

I need to explain a little first. My darling No. 2 son, my almost-daughter-in-law and their beautiful daughter Grace were supposed to move into their new flat ( apartment ) this week. Yesterday they found out that it won't happen for at least 2months. The people living in the flat my son was supposed to move into can't move yet, because the flat they are supposed to move into is still occupied by some selfish rotten scum, who haven't paid the landlord rent in months, and refuse to leave until the court case comes up and they can get legally evicted. So basically DS2 and family are homeless with their belongings in storage, having to move out from where they are living right now and it seems impossible to get a short term 2-3 months let. They have had such bad luck with all their rentals, landlords not returning their deposits for no other reason than greed, all sorts of things. So, we have decided that DS2 and family can move into our house for the next 2 to 3 months and DH, myself and the dogs go and stay in the cottage in France for that period. Until they can finally move into their new flat.

That means however, that I will have to do the CELEBRATION GIVEAWAY a few days early. Instead of ending it on the 31st March, it will now finish on Tuesday, 27th March, and I will draw the winner(s) on the 28th and ship the same day. That means, you have to make sure I can contact you by email straight away to get your addy.

If you haven't entered yet, you can do so HERE or

Next thing - I think we can finally get some sort of broadband in our area in France, hopefully we will be able to arrange that soon after we get there. That means, I will be able to blog from France, woohoo! Fingers crossed, eh?

Next next thing, lol - Etsy shop. Because all the goodies listed are here in the UK, and I will be in France, I need to put the shop in vacation mode just before we leave. BUT UNTIL THEN, I AM HAVING A 20% OFF SALE ON ALL ORDERS OVER $10! So. if you have "favorited" something recently and were thinking about getting it, now is a good time to shop, otherwise it won't be available again until after we get back. Whenever that will be, sigh. If you want to have a quick looksie, the shop is HERE.

My brain has gone all fuzzy now, lol, I have got so much to do over the next few days, rearranging things in our house so they can move some of their things in, packing for 2-3months in France, sorting out what few crafting supplies I can take (waaahhh, I will miss my craft room), millions of bits and pieces to sort out.

Thats about it for now, I'll try and post pics of what else is going into the giveaway tomorrow.

Toodlepip xxx


"MOI" Freubel said...

What a pity to read about your Son's new appartment and I can imagine that his and your life just turned upside down. What a thoughtful solution you offer
Take care in France !!!

Dorthe said...

Oh Liz,
how absolutely sweet of you to leave home, and let son and family moove in. What an unluck for them, they must be so heartbroken that they have to wait that long,before they can get the flat they were supposed to have now!
Liz, did you recieve my little letter to you sweetie? I know you are bussy now- and I wish you wonderful months in France- and SO HOPE you can blog from there!
Much love-
Dorthe xx

Kimberly at ArtJoyStuff said...

Hi Liz,
Poor you, springtime in France.
Be sure to send the address so I can mail your ATCs there.
Safe travels,

Queenie Believe said...

My oh my such excitement in your world!! Sending luck and wishes full of hope that all goes as smooth as silk.
Have a great day!
Always, Queenie

Rhonda said...

Well, when life throws us a curve ball, just go with it, right?
Sounds like you all had a plan and makes me wish I were you. Living in France part time is a dream come true.

Just think, some of your best creations will come out of improvising...you will see.

Crossing my fingers you get internet there. xo Rhonda

suziqu's thread works said...

Oh my goodness Liz just as you were in celebration mode up came all of these unknown issues - Oh well - Life was never meant to be boring!!!
Just think how much good you are doing for your poor 2nd son and family helping them out like that!!!
And to be so fortunate to have a wonderful place to go to in the interim - time for a bit of a holiday for you too sweet friend!
You can perhaps set up a craft room there and then you can have one in each place.
A busy but rewarding time all round!
Hope it goes smoothly and it will be great to have access to the internet there (hopefully!)
Love and big hugs,