Monday, 6 February 2012

SMILE inchie for last week's challenge

Oh dear, late again. Last week's challenge for Every Inchie Monday was SMILE. I grabbed my smallest scissors, a magazine, and started cutting out smiles for a teeny weeny collage. Tiny smiles. What an earth possessed me to do that? I lost at least half a dozen, which got blown off the desk when I huffed and puffed in frustration, lol. In the end, I resorted to tweezers to hold the tiny bits of paper. That worked. Sort of. Here it is -

And now I had better get started on working on this week's inchie, hadn't I? don't want to be this late again.

Toodlepip xxx

1 comment:

Dorthe said...

Love your smile inchie, dear Liz. There are so many beautiful smiles out in our world, and you found some of them.
I send you some from here and from me hehehe.
Hugs and xx and SMILES