Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Two things - Michelle Palmer and Sunday's boot fair

I am sure most of you know Michelle Palmer, she creates THE sweetest, most gorgeous drawings on fabric, and I have admired them for a very long time. When she started her Christmas drawings, I couldn't resist any longer, I had a real good excuse for going ahead and ordering some of her delightful drawings. I wanted to use them on little stockings for my two granddaughters and one other little darling girl dear to my heart. So I emailed Michelle and asked her whether she would create 3 little drawings for me, all similar but with little differences to they could tell them apart.

They arrived yesterday, and I am absolutely thrilled to bits with them. They are whimsical, delightful, the sweetest little drawings and I am so looking forward to making three stockings with them. I am going to use some of my antique French hand loomed linen to make the stockings with. Have a look for yourselves, aren't they the cutest?

They arrived with a lovely letter from Michelle ( you have no idea how I envy her handwriting, it is beautiful ) and three of the sweetest smelling little tags -

And now to Sunday's Indoor boot fair, the one and only winter boot fair in our area. As I said in the last post, it wasn't a complete waste of time, I did find a few pretty little treasures amongst the 99.9% modern tat, baby toys, clothes, cds and books. Where is all the lovely old junk gone?

The glass flowers I really do like an awful lot, I think they are charming -

Poils, well, a girl can never go wrong with poils, can she? Especially when they are beautifully shiny shimmery faultless poils -

Tin, I really needed another tin like I needed a hole in the head, but when it is this pretty, how can one resist?

This brooch with millions of dangly bits took my fancy, mostly because of the lovely crystals at the ends of the danglies

Little jugs/pitchers are irresistible, this one is dainty and so sweetly decorated

And I found another piece of Carnival glass. I am not normally I big fan of orange, but the orange Carnival glass shimmers so beautifully with those oil slick colours, and that I adore

And then there was that box. A smallish box, barely open, by the side of a table. I cannot pass closed boxes without having a look inside, lol. Ever. When I folded the top back properly, I saw linens, what looked like doilies, table runners etc. I asked her to give me a price for the whole box, as I really didn't feel like taking everything out, and having vultures ( other lovely ladies wanting a piece of the action ) trying to get at the best bits, lol, while I was still rooting through the box. That does happen, you know! They pull the bits out of your hands if you aren't careful. Anyways, I got the box full of stuff, took it home and then started taking out the bits one by one.
There were damask serviettes, doilies, table runners, odd bits and pieces, and some stunning tablecloths. Yep, beautiful whitework embroidery, gorgeous deep crochet lace trims, it was such a pleasure unpacking this little box. Here goes, have a look -

Two dinky little pillow cases, probably for a child's bed, so so pretty-

Some colourful 1950s embroideries on tablecloths, tea cosies ( outers only )

and this darling nightdress case. Know anybody with those initials? What a pretty Christmas present that would make for a vintage lover

Another tablecloth with beautiful whitework embroidery

And look at these gorgeous crochet borders, aren't they fabulous?

And now I am off to make something else from the Romantic White Christmas workshop.

Toodlepip xxx


Anonymous said...

Great finds, I particularly like the brooch and poils!

Debra said...

What a great find the box of linens turned out to be! When I had the gift shop I never got out to the sales so a friend of mine would pick up linens and embroidered pieces for me all the time. You have inspired me to dig out those boxes and sort through them- I remember treasures! I am particularly drawn to trimmed pillowcases and anything with colorful embroidery. I have a tin very similar to that one- it holds buttons now.

Green thumb said...

..and you ask "where is all the lovely old junk gone", eh Liz?! Have a look in your closets, LOL!

Elizabethd said...

What a wonderful find. There is nothing so thrilling as a box of antique linen.

Catje said...

Wow! What a find! Beautiful linens. And the drawings were beautitful as well. Can't wait to see the finished result. I'm making stockings myself, not nearly as fancy as yours will turn out, but it's my first try :)


Florence and Mary said...

So many wonderfully gorgeous things as always!

Victoria xx

Serenata said...

Where has all the lovely old stuff gone? You've got it! Lovely treasures and finds as usual, you do have a lucky time at these CB's.

The little drawings are beautiful and will make the most gorgeous stockings.

marie said...

I just love Michelle's work! The pieces she did for you are just adorable ~ I look forward to seeing them used on your stockings!
Her Christmas pieces were so sweet ~ I couldn't resist buying a couple pieces myself. You're right. Michelle's handwriting is beautiful and those little acorn tags are wonderful too!

I love all the wonderful things you found at the boot sale!!

Larisa said...

wow!!! So wonderful and beautiful things!! Love all!!

LissyLou said...

those little mice are completely gorgeous - can't wait to see the stockings x

Sandy Michelle said...

I love your Christmas printed fabrics and your embroidered fabric. You scored somegreat finds!Have a great week!

Sandy xox

Sarah said...

Now you're really making me sick!! Honestly how you get away with a box of treasures is beyond me. Everything that came out was fabulous!

Now those little mice are too adorable for words. I bet the stockings you make will really set them off, get on with them, I can't wait to see them finished!

Dorthe said...

Liz, dear--I think once again you got the orange in your turban....suc a big wonderfull bag of old linens...and the flowers, are so special, and pretty.
I too love Michelles drawings, and your little stockingmice are so cute.The kids will love them.
What did you come up with for White Christmas??? I love to see :)
Have a great evening sweetie.

Xela said...

Hallo du Liebe,
ich kannte Michell Palmer nicht aber jetzt kenne ich sie :)
Deine Bildchen für deine Enkel sind ja zauberhaft, da freuen die sich bestimmt.
Und deine fotografierten Schätze sind wieder mal der absolute ober Hammer und mega geil.
Ich wünsch dir noch einen schönen Abend Liz
*knuddel* Alexandra

Createology said...

Your treasures-both old and new are stunning. I too love Michelle Palmer's work. Happy creating...

Debby said...

Everything is just beautiful.

Romeo said...

Ah yes M. Liz - wonderful finds indeed!!!And the whites, oh my, the whites!!!! Yes, it was a wise choice to quietly close the box lid and ask for a prize. Someone would have surely hurt you had they seen these lovelies!!!! I hope you have been doing well! Thank you so much for visiting! I have missed you!



Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Liz,
I too love Michell Palmers work and own a beautiful apron with birds on it. Your finds are wonderful - you lucky girl!
Have a lovely day.

Katsui Jewelry said...

Such beauty! The linens are magnificent and I am in love with those glass flowers!


harmony and rosie said...

Those linens are breathtaking, oh my I really can't take much more of this. I'm salivating over the glass flowers too, it's all too much. Michelle's work really is the cutest ever, she is seriously talented. Looking forward to seeing what you create with the pieces she did for you.


Karen said...

Girl, had you text me to let me know all of what you got, I would've been texting you back "Start the car"!!!
LOVE the box of linens . . . ummmmmmm - I thought you were trying to clear things out? LOL!
The tin is BEE-U-TI-FUL - is it old?
The pitcher is my favorite, I just can't pass anything like that up.
I'm glad you bought the entire box -
You did good!
START THE CAR! :) (Do you guys have IKEA over there?)
:) HUGS! Karen