Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Some more images for you

I have been so caught up in the swap I am doing with Alexandra in Germany, quite often just daydreaming, lol, thinking about what I could put into my little swap package. That didn't leave much room for anything else, reading your blogs of course, cooking dinners, doing the laundry etc., but nothing much crafting wise. There were no boot fairs on the weekend in our area either, so nothing to report there.

Instead, I am going to post a few more pics of lovely old cards I found recently, and a couple of other bits. Hopefully, you'll be able to use them in one of your projects.

This plan of the Louvre is from a 1922 Blue Guide, Muirhead's Paris -

My DH and DS3 have deserted me and gone to the cottage in France to get it ready for the winter, you know, cutting the grass one last time, pruning bushes and trees etc., so I had time to list a few more things in the blogshop. BUTTONS! Vintage French buttons on their original cards :-)

Thats all folks, toodlepip xxx


Serenata said...

Beautiful images Liz. You've just given me an idea...lets hope I don't forget it!

Sarah said...

Buttons!!! Did someone say buttons?

Dorthe said...

Hi dear, LIz- day dreaming is realy a must-or should be.....
no time for that here, for now,-but I would love to join you in that, after christmas.
Thankyou for your lovely images, sweetie- happy that you stayed home, to send them to us-lol-:)
Love and hugs-Dorthe

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

These are gorgeous, I can absolutely use them. Thank you!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Liz,
thank you so much for the wonderful images. Oooh,
I'm dying to see what you two are swaping out!!!I'm sure it will be gorgeous.
Have a great week.

*Ulrike* said...

Thank you for more images, they are so pretty. I have not done much today as it is very cold and raining. Just one of those days where you want to sit and do nothing...or blog read!

harmony and rosie said...

I do love those photos, I wonder who those wonderful ladies were and what became of them. It seems a shame really that they've left their family albums. Never mind, I know you'll put them to fabulous use. Buttons - I love buttons, and am off for a peek x

Anonymous said...

Swaps are so much fun, Liz!! Can't wait to see what you each come up with. And for the closing up of the cottage...good for the guys to do this stuff! You can stay home and PLAY! ;-)
Hugs, Diane

Xela said...

Die Bilder sind genial! Vielen Dank Liz. Ich bin auch aufgeregt warte auf mein Päckchen und hoffe jeden Abend das die Post da war :O
Ich wünsche dir einen schönen Abend liebe Liz
Hugs Alexandra

Viola said...

Danke schön, Liz! Die Fotos sind wirklich klasse! :-)

charlie said...

I love the photos, would love to know more about who the girls were, what they did! And I really like the picture of Tristram and looks like it could be here somewhere!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Have a nice time in France! Thanks for sharing the lovely images with us, too. It is always intriguing to see how women dressed in the "olden days". :)

Thank you, too, for putting the bag on your sidebar! *smiles!!*


Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

...oh duh....I thought YOU went to France, too. Well, sometimes a quiet home is nice, too.


kbuda said...

I just found your blog today for the first time and what a treat! Thanks so much for sharing the very special free images. I'm feeling really inspired now. Thanks again and I look forward to checking in everyday. -Karen

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