Saturday, 5 December 2009


A few days ago, Sally from the Kitchencrafter blog shared a great looking recipe for a rich, thick, yummy scrummy winter soup. I loved the ingredients she used and I knew my DH would love this soup as well, as it has some of his favourite ingredients.

Of course me being me, not ever able to just follow a recipe, I changed it a little to suit what I had at home. So I used a butternut squash ( darn, those things are tough to cut ), 3 carrots, tin of chick peas, 1/3 of a leek ( white stem ), large onion, two cloves of garlic and beefstock. I also had some extra hot chorizo, which all the men in the house love. And it seems the dogs love it just as much, sigh, guess what happened to it? Lets just say it didn't go into the soup, it went into the dogs, grrr. I had it all nicely cubed sitting on the kitchen table, went out, shutting the kitchen door behind me ( or so I thought ) to check up on our granddaughter. The dogs had been happily wolfing down their dinner in the hall, but it seems as soon as I passed them they managed to get into the kitchen and within seconds had eaten the whole lot. A WHOLE EXTRA HOT CHORIZO! I was only gone about 30 secs and they scoffed the lot off the table. Needless to say, some very naughty words were muttered.

Fortunately I had another chorizo, this one was only hot though, not extra hot. The dogs were banned to the family room so that I could carry on with the cooking without doggie interference. I wanted to keep the chorizo separate until the very end, so that I could mash up the veggies in the soup without destroying the chorizo cubes. So I just fried them nice and crisp, ladled the soup into the soup plates and sprinkled the fried chorizo cubes on top. That was one heck of a delicious soup, huuuuuuuuuge success with DH and DSs as well. Alright, I am drooling again, not over buttons this time, lol, just drooling at the thought of that gorgeous soup. Without further ado, THE slightly altered KITCHENCRAFTER SOUP!

In the pot -

Chorizo cubes-

Droooooooool -

Thank you, Sally, for sharing this delicous recipe! I'll be making this soup again next week, I love it.


Croap Queen said...

Minus the beefstock and the chorizo, and I'll be having a go at that. Yummy. I make a similar one with chick peas and tomatoes so I'm looking forward to this one.

sally said...

Yours looks sooooo good! (And what a pretty bowl!). I think that's a much better idea to keep the chorizo separate and add it on top, I think I will do that as well next time. Glad you all enjoyed it too!
Sally xx

Sarah said...

What naughty dogs you have! I bet they were thirsty after eating those super hot chorizos. Are they sausages? I love the red colour they have.

We have sunshine today so no hot soup for us. Finally it's not raining so I'll be able to pull a few weeds. Don't they just love the rain?!!

Anonymous said...

hmmmmm..... it looks soooo yummy!!!!

Becky said...

Think i'll give that soup a try, it looks yum!

I love all the mop buttons on the last post! What a great score! Don't you just love running your fingers through them and the sound they make?

Michela said...

Mmmmmmmmm..I can smell it from here!!!
Have a wonderful week!

Kate said...

I could just eat that now actually - feeling a bit chilly!

Florence and Mary said...

Oh delicious!!

Victoria xx

Andi's English Attic said...

Yummy! I hope the spices didn't upset the dogs' tummys. Dogs with upset tummys are no joke. xx