Wednesday, 16 December 2009

MARMITE - and nothing to do with Christmas

Yesterday I promised all you Marmite lovers/haters out there to show you a funny little marmity thing I was given.

Firstly, let me explain that we all love Marmite in this family. But with my DH, things go a little further. He collected Marmite stuff, just for a laugh ( or so he says ), to display in his office to entertain his colleagues. He had the whole range of sizes, from the dinkiest little one to the largest one he could get, all the special edition ones, teeny round marmite cheeses, marmite crisps etc etc, you get the picture. As he is retiring at the end of this week, he has started clearing out his office, and he brought home a little booklet about Marmite which a good friend of his had given him a while ago.

Ah, this booklet, it had me in stitches a couple of times, and feeling seriously queasy at other times.

Let me show you what it is -

100 ways of using Marmite? Errrmm, ok, I can think of two, on my buttered toast and on twiglets. Well, the front cover looks pretty, so does the back
I would looooooooooove to have a Marmite cube tin like that, sigh.

Perhaps I can find some really yummy recipes inside. We'll see a little later on. Let me first show you the first page, which really cracked me up -

I hope you can read it alright. Yep, it actually says - the sketches in this book represent an ordinary 8-course (!!!!!) dinner - 8 COURSE dinners are ordinary???

The introduction also surprised me a little, when they pointed out Marmite's unique health properties.

So then I had a look at the index, to see what kind of dishes represented an ordinary 8 course dinner -

Okayyyyy, most of them sounded quite palatable in the index, so lets have a quick look at some of the recipes -


Savoury dishes-

Egg and cheese dishes-

Ah, and then I came to Invalid Dishes, and the " special medicinal properties " of marmite.

Thats when I started feeling a bit queasy. I mean, mulled milk? Milk bouillon? Errrmmm, definitely not for me, but perhaps you'd like it?

Vegetarians weren't forgotten either -

And they very thoughtfully supplied information regarding the weird measurements as well, lol. Makes it so much easier for you just in case you want to try the recipes, ahem, as surely you do want to -

So, do I see you rushing off to the larder to get the Marmite out so that you can try these culinary delights? Perhaps I will stick to my Marmite on toast and twiglets, lol.



marigold jam said...

I like Marmite on toast but in all those other recipes? I think not and as for health giving properties well with the amount of salt it contains maybe not a good idea to have too much of it!! Still it was good for a laugh.

Is that you house in France in the banner? It looks delightful.


Helsie said...

Here in Australia we are crazy about Vegemite - not a lot different to Marmite Idon't think. As a nation we all love our vegemite and give it to our babies from a young age so I can understand a fondness for Marmite
BUT I don't know about all those recipes!

Floss said...

But they don't mentions Marmite for a hangover cure! Ben used to swear by it, due to the Vitamin B content! (Doesn't seem to get hungover any more, which is probably a good sign...)

With him being trained in nutrition, even if it is animal nutrition, I've assumed him to be correct.

juanitatortilla said...

This booklet might be a little redundant to a hardcore Marmite fan, since it appears that Marmite can be used in / for EVERYTHING!!! (Except as a cleaning agent, maybe?)

Florence and Mary said...

What fun!! I love marmite and cheese on toast!!!

Victoria xx

Elizabethd said...

So do you not have eight course dinners?

Sarah said...

I still don't get the whole eight course thing! I'm sure when you live in France you'll pick that one up as they do plenty of courses over there don't they? You might be grateful for some ideas by then! I don't think you can beat vegemite and cheese on toast though.

Kate said...

I do think if I were ever unfortunate enough to try the milk bouillon, I would probably become an invalid!

Sophie - Chez Sophie said...

I love Marmite a lot, but some of those dished are taking it a bit far!!! put a tea spoon of marmite in your baked beans for beans on toast,mmmmmmmmmmm.
Luv sophie xxx

Rebecca said...

I'm a marmite virgin!

Croap Queen said...

I love Marmite, and I can't eat it! Boohoo, sniff. :-/

Andi's English Attic said...

I'm not a lover of Marmite but the drawings are cute. xx

Lace hearts said...

How wonderful - I love little books like this from the past. So fascinating. I really enjoyed that. Thank you. x

Lace hearts said...

How wonderful - I love little books like this from the past. So fascinating. I really enjoyed that. Thank you. x

Sadie said...

fab! I'll stick to marmite and peanut butter on toast - my all time favourite 'recipe'!

Thanks for stopping by, your sweet comments are appreciated! My pink boots are by Celtic, and the girlies are from good old Next!
Did you get snow? We're in East Anglia, and I think we might be getting a bit more overnight! Happy Days!

Your home looks gorgeous, love your tree :o)

Kelly said...

I love Marmite on toast and cheese and Marmite sandwich but that about as far as I would go!
That llooks like a lovely little booklet though, great fun!