Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Sometimes you just have to

I buy very little these days, after all I am trying to downsize, not add more things to the home, lol, but as the title says, sometimes you just have to. I was getting an Etsy order ready for posting and had a little browse through Etsy whilst getting the paperwork done, and found something I really really couldn't resist - a wonderful little book called Snipped Tales ( ). I love it! It is 'snipped' by Julie Kirk and I adore the whimsical, crafty, papery marvelousness of it :-). Have a quick look -

It arrived beautifully wrapped with a long handwritten note and a dinky tag. The snipped tales inside are just adorable, some made me chuckle, some are thought provoking, all are brilliantly put together. I have only read a few so far, I want to make it last, lol, but it is difficult, I want to read all the tales straight away. The ones I did read immediately set off all kinds of ideas in my head for collages to go with the stories etc. 

It is such a fun read, I am so glad I found this.

Toodlepip xxx


Julie Kirk said...

Oh goodness! Thank you so much for sharing my tales - I'm thrilled you're enjoying them and that you went to the time and effort to let other people know!

I've heard from people who've read it cover to cover straight away ... and others who are dipping in and out, taking small bites at a time. Whichever way you prefer - it's lovely just to think it's finding its way into people's lives.

Thanks again - your support is very much appreciated.


Karen B. said...

The book looks really neat Liz! Hope you are well.
Many hugs,
Karen B. ~ Todolwen

rush said...

What a wonderful book! I have added found words and stories to some of my work, and it is so fun to find them! I'll bet you will enjoy this book. Thank you for sharing a few pages. It would be fun to add illustrations to the book itself or start another journal and play with images. Fonda

Lynn Stevens said...

what a fun way to find inspiration.
hugs Lynn

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Thank You for the adorable link to her Etsy. Postage wipes me out across the seas, I've been wanting to finish up setting up mine and run into a snag on postage. We have a BAD little post office here, they can't weigh things, nor figure out out of country fees. So I take it to a neighboring town and in winter here I would not be able to give to good of service. Still trying
Enjoy the week.

Betsy said...

Should you decide to "illustrate" her book with your creations, I hope you will show us pictures of your additions! I can see you enjoying doing that!