Thursday, 21 July 2016

How to spend a pleasant afternoon

First, you get out a big box full of vintage French printers blocks, letters and numbers, all kind of different sizes and fonts and styles. Then you drag it into the garden, get a big bowl of soapy water and plenty of old tea towels, plonk your behind down at the garden table, facing the beautiful views over the valley,  of course, and start cleaning.

I spent a lovely warm and sunny afternoon doing just that a few days ago, before the temperatures climbed to 36C, lol. It was such a pleasure to root around in the big box and pull out these wonderful old printing blocks. There was such an amazing variety of sizes and styles! They were quite dusty from long storage so a quick dunk in soapy water and a gentle brush cleaned them up beautifully. Fitting them together like a puzzle was so much fun, finding just the right letter or number to fill a gap. And even more fun was making lots of words with the letters, lol. I think I will have to display some permanently in my craftroom, they look so interesting.

Just a few pics of the little 'jigsaw puzzle' I put together on the garden table whilst cleaning -

We have thunderstorms forecast for the next couple of days, so cleaning the next batch of these printers blocks will have to wait until next week, I reckon.

We are thoroughly enjoying the fruits of our labour, the veggie garden is supplying us with delicious new potatoes, courgettes, green beans, beetroot, lettuce and cucumbers. Yummmmmm -

Toodlepip for now, xxx


Julia - Vintage with Laces said...

The printer's blocks are gorgeous, Liz. What a fabulous find! The veggies look yummy. It's wonderful that you have such a good harvest, especially after all the rain you had earlier. What's for lunch/dinner today?

Marci said...

Love your printer's blocks! Your veggies look delicious, too.

Judys Lace Creations said...

These blocks look very tactile, and would make great rubbings.I can imagine using these with children.Their colours are beautiful too.

Rhonda said...

Such gorgeousness, Liz. Your banner is stunning, as well.
Happy week to you dear friend.

Betsy said...

Ooooo.... Your blocks are so wonderful! I want a wall made from them!
They are gorgeous! You have ever so many of them! A collage of those would be beautiful! And your veggies!! Truly a significant harvest considering the wet spring you survived. So glad things are somewhat drier in your neck of the woods. As always, I love all your creations..... Have to think about those blocks... They are such fun!
Hugs, Betsy