Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Simply Neutrals Tuesday

What is about being in France and at the cottage which makes me forget that I have a computer, lol? When I am in the UK, I spend most of the day in my craft room and on the computer, but here in France? The poor computer gets very much ignored. I feel terrible though about neglecting my blog and not taking part in any of the parties and challenges which I so love, so today I decided that I must post for Simply Neutrals Tuesday. I found this really sweet little couronne de mariee. It is not antique, merely vintage, but it is so adorable. And because it is not made from wax, it isn't quite so delicate and can be handled much more easily -

Toodlepip xxx


Roosterhead Designs said...

It is a gorgeous (bridal?) crown! So so lovely Liz~
And beautifully displayed too : )
I'm glad for you! that you tend to 'forget' your PC!
(I think that's what I would do in France : )
Blessings & hugs, Karen O

suziqu's thread works said...

Simply stunning my dear friend!
I think you should be wearing this out in your garden sipping on a glass of bubbles in the warm evening air because I know that is where I will find you at the moment enjoying your time communing with nature in the fresh French county air.
Enjoy your time between sunshine and showers!
Sending love and hugs,
Suzy xox

Rhonda said...

It's gorgeous, Liz! I didn't know there was a Neutral Party!

Rhonda said...

It's gorgeous, Liz! I didn't know there was a Neutral Party!

Wen Green said...

The bride must have looked so gorgeous with that beautiful crown! Beautiful photos again, dear Liz. I learn so much by looking how you display and photograph your work and vintage/antique treasures! Forgetting that you have a computer is a very good thing, and I would most certainly forget about it when sipping my glass of bubbles in the garden wearing a beautiful crown on my head! Lol :)

Dorthe said...

Liz, I`m so glad to see you here,-I have been thinking of you.
The crown is adorable, so very very lovely, I love it. And I also love the one you gifted me, Liz, it still has a place in my eating area, on top of a big cloche - looking so beautiful.
I can tell your days are filled with many doings outside in your garden and with friends, when forgetting the computer. A wonderful life ,my dear.
Hugs from Dorthe

Betsy said...

Liz, this is so beautiful!
I love these and this one is different since it isn't wax! but an amazing piece! So glad you have such a relaxed time at the cottage! hope all is well with you! I think about you often, someday I may blog again! ;)