Monday, 21 March 2016

A very late Simply Neutrals Tuesday post

Simply Neutrals Tuesday No. 19 already, my goodness, how time flies. And I am a week late to the party, lol, but better late than never, right?

I received a package from Suzy ages ago, as she wanted to make sure I got it before going off to France again, and it was agony seeing it every day and not opening it, but I was determined not to touch it until my actual birthday. Darling Dorthe also sent me a package a while ago, and again, it was so very hard not to open it before the day.

Suzy and I had agreed that I would open her gift while we skyped, oh my word, that was so much fun! I am glad I couldn't really see me, tehehehe, I must have pulled such funny faces. It was as if Suzy was sitting with me in room, watching me opening her gift. And because I couldn't skype with Dorthe, I opened her gift together with Suzy as well! Brilliant, it made it a real special occasion.

As Suzys gift was the first to arrive, I'll show you hers first. She had told me I would never guess what it was, she had only ever made this one, and she was right, I wouldn't have guessed in a million years, lol.

This is the beautiful hanger, a gorgeous gift in its own right -

And this is the OOAK, the only one ever made, gift :-) -

Can you tell yet what it is? Look very closely...........

YES! It is the most beautiful crochet hook holder, I am so thrilled to bits with it. I love crocheting, so this will be by my side, and used, quite often. Thank you, my dear dear Suzy xxx.

Dear Dorthe's gift was such an amazing surprise as well. First of all, she had made this stunning card, which is so typically Dorthe, nature inspired, with a beautiful bird and found objects. Nobody does 'Nature' better than Dorthe -

And then I unrolled this wonderful piece of, well, don't quite know what it is, matted fibre ( awesome wrapping ), and found these inside, OMG -


Aren't these the most exquisite medallions you have ever seen? The back of them is as pretty as the front, so beautifully finished. I want to attach them to a garland to hang in my craftavan in France while I am there, and I know they will look stunning. Dorthe, you are such a loyal, loving friend, thank you so very much. xxx

My beautiful friend Alexandra sent me a gorgeous birthday card. She always remembers my birthday, and I am the worst friend, I usually forget hers, and she always forgives me. One year I will get it right, Alexandra :-). My camera ran out of juice while I was taking photos, and by the time it was charged up again, the light wasn't good enough any longer. I will take photos in the morning and show you in a separate post, you will love the card! I love her style and I adore the colours she chose for the card, and......... ah well, you will have to wait until tomorrow.

Thank you for visiting, toodlepip xxx


Roosterhead Designs said...

Hello Liz and happy belated birthday! And I can see by your post how truly blessed you were for that day~
Sometimes, when I see Suzy and Dorthe's work - I am at a loss for words. How can a person express how beautiful something like this is?! I try to; but I get in the way! Yes, the word Exquisite keeps going thru my head as well. Such amazing artistry and so lovingly created. Thank you for sharing with us. Gorgeous.
Will you be in France soon? (Wish I was there too: ) Have a wonderful time Liz! Hugs to you, Karen O

Wen Sylvestre said...

Oh my oh my.... utter silence here... my goodness such gorgeous works by dear Suzy and dear Dorthe. And your photos of them are so gorgeous as well. Happy belated birthday my friend! Hope you had a wonderful day. Sending you big birthday hugs and love. And wishing you a great time in la douce France. xx

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Belated Birthday wishes, dear Liz. Hope you had a wonderful day.
Gorgeous gifts from Suzy and Dorthe:) Enjoy your treasures.
Happy Easter.
Sending hugs and love,

Betsy said...

Such lovely gifts from dear dear friends! What a creative crochet hook case. Tits is just beautiful. You will never forget where your hooks are in that beauty! The medallions are gorgeous!!! So pretty. I hope you had a wonderful birthday! My gift for you is partially finished and waiting for me to get it done!! So many birthdays around here in the next 7 weeks! I should have finished yours!! It will come soon!! 😉😃