Thursday, 18 September 2014

Two weeks? TWO WEEKS???

Good grief, we have been back in the UK for two weeks already and I am only just getting around to doing a blog post? The days have just flown by. First, there was all the unpacking, and let me tell ya, there was A LOT to unpack, lol, all the brocante finds from the summer! Then the hospital appointments, family visiting us, us visiting friends, trying to get some sort of order into my craft room after unpacking my craftavan suitcase, tons of laundry, and keeping up with my Etsy shop. I have done very little in the way of crafting, I regret to say, just a couple of Tag Tuesday tags and some more customer tags. 

Shame on me, I have also neglected the Our Beautiful World blog, so before I miss the deadline again, I am going to post a photo for this week's theme, which is SMILE. I took the photo of our neighbours' son the day after the big party, he has the biggest, sweetest smile, don't you think? - 

Handsome lad, he will break a few hearts when he grows up!

The Tag Tuesday tags I haven't shown you yet are FAIRY TALES from last week, and STENCILS from this week.

For Fairy Tales I picked the story of THE SNOW QUEEN, which I have loved ever since reading it when I was a little girl. -

And this is my STENCILS tag -

This was a difficult one. I have two stencils, snowflakes and clock faces. Which one to go with? I really didn't want to do another wintry kind of tag, so I decided to go with the clock faces. Just the clock faces didn't look all that good, far too little showing on the tag, so I made a stencil for the word TIME, hand cut out of some thick card. The red ink makes it stand out nicely. But I still wasn't happy, it still looked too empty to me, so I raided my watch parts box and stuck a few bits on :-).

The weekend is going to be really busy as well, so I have no idea when I will be able to do some of the projects I would so dearly like to get on with. Might have to pull a few midnight sessions, lol.

You gals are so patient with me, thanks for hanging in there!

Toodlepip xxx


Robyn Oliver said...

Hi Liz....yes I'm smiling back at the young lad. Oh my you are unpacking, that's always the worst part, no doubt you'll have it hand soon and crafting away. Cheers and thanks for joining in with OBW this week, Robyn

Ros Crawford said...

What a lovely young man!! Gorgeous smile! Thanks so much for finding the time to join us this week at Our beautiful World ... And I love your tags too!

Inky and Quirky said...

Ooohh your tags are gorgeous Liz,especially the snow queen one,really floaty and magical.

Can't wait to see the brocante finds :)

Have a great weekend
Donna xxx

Dorthe said...

Hello Liz, so good to see you here again :-)
Thank you for your lovely mail, you will soon hear from me.
I LOVE your snow queen, and the book, but she is so beautiful with all the wonderful "frost " glitter you gave her dress, sitting in the stary night !!
The stencil tag is gorgeous in all its simplicity , with the watch parts and your cut out stencil....must have been hard to do that !
I wish you a happy weekend, with family and friends, and hope for you to also have a tiny creative time !!!
Hugs and xxx

Rhonda said...

You are adored, we will always be here. Just living is what we are all doing. So happy to see your post.

Manuela said...

yes i agree he has a pretty smile and the girls will love him when he grows up.
great tags, too
thanks for sharing with us at "OBW"