Thursday, 22 August 2013

What's new in the shop?

OOOPS, I am so sorry, I meant to post this on my vintageland blog. It wasn't until I previewed the post that I realised I was in lalaland. REALLY in lalaland this time, sigh, the sun must have fried my brain. But it is late and I really can't face doing this all again on the vintageland blog so just this once I am going to leave the Etsy stuff on here. Thank you for being understanding.

I can't believe that August is almost over, where have the days gone? A lot of time is spent visiting friends or being visited, taking care of the veggies, and of course going to brocantes and haggling. How I love haggling with the French, we have so much fun. So here is just a fraction of the little French treasures I have haggled over and listed recently-

Small Holy Water font/benitier with medal of Christ on white onyx -

Le Chic Parisien button card - SOLD, but I have found three more cards, different buttons and designs, today, which will be listed tomorrow

Set of 4 huge white monogrammed napkins/serviettes - SOLD

Mid century grey USSR alarm clock in working order - SOLD

Antique French embroidery roller stamps - SOLD

Excellent quality silver plated cutlery/flatware - SOLD

Another sweet little duck chocolate or pate mould/mold - SOLD, but more available

Set of SIX Art Deco era monogrammed napkins/serviettes -

A selection of 80s and 30s French tart tins -all SOLD

Kitchen towel rack with hooks for glasses, plates, cutlery/flatware and hands-

St. Therese in oval metal frame -

Free standing Lourdes Holy Water font/benitier - SOLD

Blue and white marbled candlestick - SOLD

Mother of pearl rosary with gold plated links, connector and cross in leather pouch - RESERVED

Beautifully ornate red velvet photo frame with silver overlay - SOLD

Set of six star burst patterned oval baking tins - SOLD

Set of six round fluted and patterned tart tins - SOLD

Three really gorgeous tins, bought from a collector at a brocante very recently.

Birdie tin - SOLD

And my favourite Chateau tin - SOLD

Six very old individual madeleine molds/moulds - SOLD

Antique blue velvet and silver ornate Holy Water font/benitier - SOLD

I am fast running out of packaging materials and have no way of getting more as I haven't got a clue where to get the sort of office supplies I need, lol. So I am not sure how much more I can list while we are in France. I have a few gorgeous large pieces, like the big pink and white pitcher, a very large oyster basket, wine bottle carriers, things like that, and I need big boxes for those. Our local little supermarkets dont keep boxes out, sigh. Those things will have to be sent from the UK when we get back I suppose.

But I will be listing some more small pieces over the weekend, so look out for those!

Until then, toodlepip and thank you so much for stopping by and having a look! xxx


marie said...

Liz - you have some really great pieces here. I'm glad you listed them in I could have a look-see!

Dorthe said...

Hallo liebe,-
it is just not to believe all those wonderful pieces you find!! how amazing is that with 6 fantastic old religious pieces, in one post, for sale !!! And then all the baking forms and boxes- yes all are fantastic finds,- and we are so lucky, to have you find it all for us to buy !!!
I hope the sun is a bit paler now, well here it was for some dayes now!! but still lovely.
Sending hugs and kisses-

Vicki Boster said...

My goodness Liz- so many beautiful treasures! A trip to the flea market for you is truly a treasure hunt!!

Lynn Stevens said...

All Drool worthy!!!!
hugs Lynn