Friday, 2 November 2012

Crafting instead of listing

Why? Because the weather is still horrid, dark, grey, raining, and the light just isn't good enough for taking photos of little treasures for the Etsy shop. So I am getting on with my crafting instead. Which, I have to admit, is much more fun anyway, lol!

This is another little project completed on a rainy day, an altered Art Deco silver plated cigarette case, well tarnished, but then some of you gals quite like the tarnish, don't ya? 

The tricky thing about altering this cigarette case was the thinness of it, there wasn't much room for 3D stuff, but I managed to get a couple of tiny frozen Charlottes in -

Still got itchy fingers, and as it is still chucking it down out there, I am just going to carry on with the crafting. I promise, as soon as the weather and LIGHT improves, I'll get on with the brocante finds!

Toodlepip xxx


Mom E. said...

Oh, Liz,
You are so clever, the cigarette case looks aged and well used, but nonchalant... and when opened it looks as if it has been protecting a beautiful fairy land, full of wonder, beauty and surprise! It is so sweet inside, I love the Stolen Manchild! The poem is such fun and your embellishments are so pretty! I love the bling around the poem. and the connected that from a necklace? it is just gorgeously fun. My daughters would have LOVED to have something like this to pretend with... *in a whispered voice...."a hidden fairyland for only you and I to share!".... You are so are amazing and such fun!

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

I don't like shopping when the weather is so gloomy either. BUT this little treasure sure turned out nice. I need to get some Frozen Charolette's. Great color. Have a fun weekend

Bente said...

How cute is that!!! A really surprise when you open it.


A garden just outside Venice said...

So cute and detailed!
Have a lovely weekend!

Dorthe said...

This is the sweetest fairy land, and forest. Playful, and lovely ,filled with the kindest fairies, and most lovely butterflyes. The poem is so sweet and lined with those beautiful "diamonds" - what a wonderful fairytale in a beautiful box.
My dear Liz ,thankyou for your call, and great conversation.
Much love, Dorthe

Rhonda said...

You are amazing! That is very detailed work you've created, Liz.
Oh, do I love it.

Marrianna said...

Liz - this is beautiful, absolutely gorgeous! You are very talented. A great way to use a vintage cigarette case. The way you combined the lace and the string of rhinestones on the left side gave me more ideas for the fabric collages I'm making for an upcoming craft sale. I know, I need to take photos and post on my blog. Maybe I'll do that today and get some feedback. I might try to sell them in my Etsy shop. Right now, there's zero, zip, nothing for sale in my Etsy shop. I best get on that if I want any Christmas money.

Keep up the great work.


Mom E. said...

Oh, This reminds me of the wooden case I found at the Flohmarkt in Germany!! I know what to do with it now! As usual, I Am SO EXCITED!!! LOL!

Anni - Fabric and Mixed Media Art said...

Dear Liz,this is the most wonderful cigarette case I have ever seen, your little fairy garden is so sweet and wonderful, so creatively made,amazing all the thing you have been placed in it.
Hugs Anni

suziqu's thread works said...

Well Liz this amazing little escape to an enchanted wonderland full of fairies and butterflies and in a cigarette case
(what's more!) could take on a whole new direction for you in itself!
This creation is just as amazing as you are dear friend!
It is adorable! So many different talents coming from one very creative soul!
Big fairy hugs to you,
Suzy xox

Alexandra Eitel said...

Was ist das denn geiles :O Das ist ja wie ein Bilderbuch in einer Tin. Super schön meine Liebe!

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

The tin came out beautifully,Liz.
Have a wonderful start of the week.

Karen Wellman said...

This cigarette case collage is SO COOL!!! I doubt I would ever have the patience to do that! LOL! I think that would make a perfect gift for someone, too...a way to remember you whenever they open it!

Belladonna said...

So lovely! I love your tiny forest scene!