Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Another White Wednesday in France

Once again, I am joining Kathleen at the Faded Charm blog for another WHITE WEDNESDAY.

I was going to show you some more antique and vintage lace which I picked up a little while ago, but you are bored with lace by now, aren't you? ;-). Lol, I'll show you the lace in another post, I am just being mean and making you wait.

I bought a stack of very old plates and bowls a couple of weeks ago. I looooooooooove them! The designs are so sweet in a gorgeous deep if somewhat faded blue on the creamy white background. Flowers,delightful little birds, what do scratches and chips matter? I am using some of them in the craftavan to hold my mother of pearl buttons, small bits of lace for making tags with, paper off cuts and bits and pieces, and some gorgeous old millinery flowers. The first ones I have ever found.

Also, after looking and not finding for many years, I finally came across a large antique clock face, woohoo! It now resides on the mantlepiece in the cottage -

This little Dijon mustard jar was so pretty, I just had to display it on the mantlepiece as well -

Please go and visit some of the other lovely blogs who are taking part in this week's WHITE WEDNESDAY party at the Faded Charm blog.

Now before I forget again, some of you have asked me whether the things I have shown in the last couple of posts are for sale. Most of them are, some I will want to keep for myself. You can always email me and ask about a specific item and I'll give you the details. I am so tempted to leave the listing until I get back to the UK, as it seems impossible to get a proper proof of posting receipt from a French post office. Trust me, we tried, sigh. It is not such a problem with larger items which can be sent Colissimo and with insurance, but smaller ones with the normal post? GRRRRR. I know I am being silly, and thousands of things are sent from France every day. So far, everything I have sent to friends etc has been received without any problems, but........ there is always the sod's law factor, lol. Am I being over cautious? And totally ridiculous? Yep, I think so, too, lol, but..........

Anyhoo, time to go, and leave you gals to look at lots more lovely whiteness.

Toodlepip xxx


morkaren said...

Dine skønne hvide knapper ser dejlige ud i det gamle porcelæn, og ridser og afslag er kun patina. knus morkaren.

Anonymous said...

Hi Liz
Gorgeous way of storing and displaying your MOP buttons and that clock face, wow. I could happily live in your home!

Anni - Fabric and Mixed Media Art said...

Dear Liz you have found some really wonderful things lately, love them all, the old plates and bowls are so beautiful, also love the old clock face, they are not easy to find. Hope you have better weather in franch than we have in Denmark, here it is very windy and it rains.
Hugs Anni

Anneke said...

such a wonderful to decotae your porcelain with the buttons.
and the jar is gorgeous.
is the porcelan from st,amand cerinord?
it looks familair to me.
greetings from ann

Rhonda said...

I absolutely love these images you've captured, Liz. Nice vignettes, very nice.

You are such a tease...lace holder you!!

I know how you feel, you want your pkgs to arrive safe. Especially your beautiful items, I can see why you would worry.

Pat C. said...

Ooh, what beautiful pieces! I love the birdies on the plates; the clock face looks *perfect* on the mantlepiece, as does the adorable mustard jar!

And even though I tend to be very impatient, I *can* wait for you to share more lace with us!: P

(Thank you for your nice comment about my winning French & Sparrow's recent giveaway!)


Alexandra Eitel said...

Das Ziffernblatt ist ja mega geil. Wahnsinn. Ich muss doch mal wieder auf den Flohmarkt gehen ;O