Saturday, 7 April 2012

Big hello from France!

Hi everybody! I can't believe how quickly time has flown, we have been here at the cottage for 8 days already! I am at our friends' house at the moment, using their internet. BUT, we CAN get broadband finally, woohoo, and should be up and running in about a week's time. The long Easter weekend is delaying things somewhat, but what the heck, just knowing that I will be able to bug you all with my posts regularly, makes me smile. Fingers crossed.

I have managed a little bit of shopping at a brocante last weekend, and I'll show you pics of some of the things I have bought in a minute, but first I have to post my inchie for this week, which I managed to make a couple of days ago in my craftavan.The theme was RIVER - 

I stamped the background with green inks in different shades, as I didn't have any colouring pens, and used a piece of blue seam binding for the river. Stamped some paper with different blues and cut out tiny fish. Riviere is the French word for river. I cut it out of an old Larousse dictionary.

And now to the finds from last weekend. This is the most gorgeous candelabra with a very sweet cherub holding the three candlesticks -

A very large figure of Christ, which came from a cross which had rotted away. I believe this dates to the turn of the last century -

Some fabulous vintage French bakeware with the prettiest pattern - 

A magnificent solid copper bed warmer with brass fittings, very heavy and so beautiful -

A small figure of Christ, again minus the cross, perfect for a religious mixed media collage -

Some matching graniteware pieces in really great condition - 

A beautifully sculpted figure of Jeanne d'Arc. I really don't know what this could have been attached to, but it obviously was topping something -

A handful of gorgeous old keys -

I love the colour of this enamel ladle. The handle is solid colour, the bowl is speckled with white enamel -

This silver plated ladle has a very unusual shaped bowl, kind of squarish but with a very shallow lip -

A beautiful Madonna statue, very gentle colours and she has such a sweet face - 

Notre Dame de Lourdes, a very beautiful statue of Our Lady of Lourdes -

These two pill boxes are in fantastic condition with really rich colours and beautiful Art Nouveau designs -

The blues on this bon bon or cookie tin are GORGEOUS, don't you think: And the floral design is so sweet-

I fell in love with this metal rose, rusted to perfection -

I was incredibly lucky to be able to buy a whole bunch of these typical French window shutter holders. Usually you find one or two at a brocante. I managed to find 16 pieces! Aren't they fabulous?

These glasses were used by people taken the waters at famous Spas in France. The glass is engraved with the name of the spa on the front and with the amount in millilitres on the back. All carried around in this woven basket with leather straps -

These strange looking metal ornaments are part of the fittings on very old windows. They are so beautifully ornate -

And thats about it for now. I did buy a bunch of ephemera as well but I am saving that for another post!

Thank you all so much for your kind comments and emails. I hope that I will be able to reply to them real soon, but I don't want to take up too much time here at our friends's house. I hope you understand.

Wishing you all a wonderful day, wherever you are,
toodlepip xxx


Jennifer Pearson Vanier said...

What lovely finds! I especially like those shutter holders. They are wonderful! will some be heading to your wonderful Etsy shoppe? Enjoy your time in France. Looking forward to more blog visits. Happy Easter!

cottonreel said...

A lovely haul ,I think I should visit France ,

Florence and Mary said...

From the looks of your goodies I need a trip to a french brocante!

Glad to hear you're having a great time.

Victoria xx

Rhonda said...

Oh Happy Day - so happy to hear from you!! I got my pkg. from you the other day, it was delightful. Merci, Liz.

Okay, down to business, I want the Lourdes statue, the spa basket w/ glass. Okay? Are you parting with those?

Have a wonderful Easter! Have fun, too. xo Rhonda

Dorthe said...

Hi my dear Liz, MY goodnes ,you have not been there for more than some few dayes, before you can show the most beautiful things purchased on a brocante--- OH you lucky sweet lady, all are so wonderful finds- I especially love the religious pieces, and the statue from Lourdes is gorgeous.also love the window shutters-how fun and fantastic they are.
And I`m so happy to hear you can get the broad band very soon- congratulations.
And last but not least I think your inchie is fabolous- love the way you made the river.
Spend happy hours, dear friend.

dosierosie said...

Some fantastic finds. I have one of the shutter clips which we found in a gutter one year, I love them.

Robin said...

Hi Liz! So glad you have internet access in France. Your inchie is adorable and I love the way you used seam binding for the river. I got your wonderful package in the mail and am in love with all the bits and pieces you included. Thank-you so much for the goodies. Hope to hear from you again soon. Have a wonderful Easter holiday.


Anni - Fabric and Mixed Media Art said...

Amazing finds love everything,the Madonna figure is very very beautiful, wonderful inch, love the way you made the river, Happy Easter.
Hugs Anni

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Liz,
great finds and your inchie is fabulous.I received your envy with the pages and lovely tag:)Merci.
Have a Happy Easter and I keep my fingers crossed for the internet

Wendy said...

Hi Liz, I'm happy you'll be able to keep us all posted :)
your inch is so lovely, I love the colours! And what a beautiful things you've purchased, don't you just love those brocante markets and shops in France... Happy Easter! xx Wendy

"MOI" Freubel said...

I think France is one of the best places to find such goodies don't you think ? And Belgium !! LOL
Be safe overthere Liz and thanks for sharing your post !!!

A lovely greet from me.

Anonymous said...

WOW, Liz, GREAT STUFF!!! Looks like you are having heaps of fun!

XO Diane

suziqu's thread works said...

Hi Liz
You have probably been to another brocante or two by the time you get this comment.
I just love everything you have purchased so far. That candelabra is a delight and the Madonna and Mary of Lourdes - there must be soooo many religious collectables in France - I can just imagine.
Thank you so much sweet friend for my little package which arrived two days ago. I'm thrilled!
Love your new inchie created in your craft room on wheels (perhaps we can see another pic??? of the craftavan i.e.
You must be getting really close to being connected to the internet by now!!?? Let's hope.
Kind thoughts and big hugs,

Lynn Stevens said...

Oh my gosh what gorgeous finds. It would be worth the trip just to do some shopping!!!!
hugs Lynn

Eve said...

Wow! Beautiful finds. I have that pretty blue candy tin in my bathroom with my hair pins in it. It has beautiul colors. I don't know where I got it. Have had it for a long time.