Wednesday, 11 January 2012

This week's challenges

This week's inchie challenge was "CITY". I think I went a quite predictable way with a city scape, but perhaps combined with the sunset it is acceptable -

And an old, new challenge, or should that be new, old challenge? Errmm. Thanks to my bloggy friend Anni ( Fabric Art blog ) I found out about a new Tag Tuesday challenge. If you know my blog well, you know that I took part in a different Tag Tuesday challenge last year and thoroughly enjoyed it. I was so sad when that one finished, so you can imagine how pleased I was to find a new one, yay! We post on a separate blog - Tag Tuesday . If you hop over there, you will find the most amazing tags made by very talented people, I am thrilled to bits to be in such good company there. But of course I just have to show you my tags on here as well, lol, you didn't think you would escape that, did you now?

Last week's theme was "SNOW" and this is the tag I made for it -

Our cottage in France is in the middle of nowhere, and when it snows, the snow stays pristine and sparkly and beautifully untouched all around us until it melts away. I wanted to capture that wonderful sparkle of pristine snow on my tag.

I used a piece of vellum which had sparkly flowers on it, tiny white satin roses, white net from a piece of vintage lace, little gems and German glass glitter in white and silver to simulate snow below the flowers.


This week's challenge is another wintery theme - " SNOW SPORTS AND GAMES ". I love vintage and antique illustrations, so I chose a pair of Victorian skaters for this one -

Toodlepip, xxx


cottonreel said...

I love to receive pretty tags . I have not made them myself but would like to .
Do you make the initial tag yourself or cut it from card . Do you swap tags?

morkaren said...

Smukt, især dit skøjteløber tags. v.h. morkaren.

Regina said...

Love the city and OMGOSH the tags are all beauties. I love mine,..thank you so much!!!

Becky~ said...

Oh I adore the blue tags sooo sweet.Thanks for sharing!

suziqu's thread works said...

Dear Liz
Your creative spirit has come alive with these very beautiful snow themed tags. I love them both- you make these with so much ease and interest and capture the feeling so well.
Just beautiful and dreamlike just as in reality in the fields of France.
Love and hugs,

Anneke said...

wow, you have made some beautiful wintertags liz and lovely vintage look.
happy new year!

Nancy B said...

I love your sunset cityscape on your inchie! Snow must be a wonderful thing to see in your part of the world because your tags are absolutely lovely!

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Both of your tags are gorgeous, dear Liz! You've captured the wintery themes perfectly.
Hopefulyl you're not snowed in and the boot fairs will start soon again.
Hugs to you,

Anonymous said...

Hello Liz, Gilli here from Textile Cottage Studio - trying to get linked up with this Tag Tuesday but haven't had an answer to my email - any clues as to what I might be doing wrong. ps I used to live in Sussex too!

Trillian said...

I love your citi inchies. They look great with the red background.

Karen said...

Ok you know I love snow. Winter. ALL of it.
But Liz, I got all 4 Pat Winter's crazy quilt magazines for Christmas. We r camping right now and am thoroughly enjoying my leisure time to absorb every detail of these magazines.
And LO AND BEHOlD ... There you are!!! I am cracking up! I hope lots of people have found the yummiest of your treasures and added it to hoards!!!!
It is funny. My French lace , each and every one... Is off limits to friends and myself. I save it until something very special comes along. Which I hope will become a crazy quilt someday! Love this!!!!
Big hugs!!! Karen

Dorthe said...

Hallo- dear Liz,
I so enjoyed seing your tags on : Tag Tuesday- and think that you ofcourse should show your beautiful pieces here also. They are so lovely in their winter clothes- bright and sparkly wintery- and you made a new inchie-which is just from the other side of year... a wonderful sunset over the city- so wonderful creative you are.
Hugs and sleep well.

sonya said...

Hi Liz,
Love your inchie. And your wintery tags are beautiful. I love the crispness of the white on your first tag with the netting and sparkles. It really does remind me of snow too. And your vintage image on your other tag is lovely. Perfect. Thanks for sharing with us!

Rustique Gal said...

I can't believe your inchies-I'd go blind making them! I love your tags. they are so pretty! Keep on creating!

ColourFly said...

I am impressed. Big city on small inchie!!!!
And I LOVE your tags. They are wonderful!

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Liz, Your tags are just beautiful. You do such wonderful work. Love your tag for snow. It really does make one think of fresh fallin snow & crisp white. So happy for you to find another Tag blog to participate in. What fun!

Thank you for stopping by and your kind comment.
Have a wonderful week ahead and see you again.
XO Celestina Marie

Lynn Stevens said...

Liz both your Winter/snow tags are Gorgeous!!! Love the sparkle on the first one,it really is just like a winter wonderland!
I'll have to join in Tag Tuesday as soon as I'm caught up a little. I do miss that challenge!
Hugs Lynn