Thursday, 14 April 2011

Spring at the French Cottage

I have finally gotten around to editing a few pics from our week at the cottage in France. Well, quite a few pics, lol, but then you are probably used to my long posts by now. We had picked a wonderful week for our stay at the cottage, the weather was glorious, around 25C every day, beautiful blue skies, sunshine and warm breezes wafting up from the valley. Even the work we had to do was quite pleasant. While Andy was cutting the grass -

I was planting some flower seeds in tubs and preparing a small strip for tomato plants to go in next time we go to the cottage.

Does sorting out a tin full of newly acquired buttons count as work? -

Of course its not all about work, is it, it is about relaxing and enjoying life as well, which the boys were especially good at as you can see -

Our doggies were so happy to be back in France. They love being there so much, because of all the space, I just open the front door and out they go to run and play. They quite happily spend hours in the garden.

This is Hector -

and this is Poppy, watching the world go by. She can sit and watch for ages -

and when it gets too hot, she curls up under the table under the trees-

It is a wonderful time of the year, because everything is so incredibly green, and the wild fruit trees are flowering everywhere -

I do love the wild fruit tree blossoms, we have a few wild cherry trees in our top field and there are wild plum trees in the area as well. There is something so beautiful about these pure white delicate blossoms, they make me smile and just make me feel so happy. The look wonderful whatever background you see them against -

I don't have much in the way of flowers in the garden, because we are not there often enough or long enough to look after them, but a few shrubs were flowering -

And............. I have one lonely tulip growing in the middle of the garden, lol. One day it looked like this -

and the next day it had opened up and looked like this -

To tell the truth, there were TWO tulips to start with, but my DH mowed one down, lol. I wouldn't even have known if he hadn't confessed, lol.

Of course there are gorgeous little wildflowers growing in our garden/field, they are the prettiest little things -

It seems the wild strawberry patch is doing fine, in fact, it has grown considerably, and I am so looking forward to harvesting those tiny little fruits which just burst with flavour. The rhubarb I planted last year is doing ever so well, and when Andy and Nick go back to France in May, they should be able to pick plenty for Rhubarb Crumble. Ahh, one of the best dessserts.

We spent an awful lot of time outdoors, because the weather was so beautiful, but I did have time to spread a bit of bloggy love throughout the cottage. I had taken some of the beautiful gifts I had received from bloggy friends with me to France and found them a happy new home in the cottage. Some are still here in England, but they will come with me the next time I go. You have seen them all on previous posts in much greater detail, but I wanted to show you all where they now live -

Because I can't blog when I am at the cottage, I really love having reminders of my bloggy friends around me. They are so precious to me. I took photos of some other precious gifts as well, but with the other camera, and guess what? I left the cable in France, waaahh, so I can't put them onto the computer!

Are you gals still awake? Lol, if the answer is yes, my goodness, you have stamina! Thank you for staying with me through this rather long post, but condensing a week into one post is a wee bit difficult, lol.

Tomorrow I am going to photograph the few bits and pieces I bought at the one and only vide greniers we managed to find, and if all goes according to plan, I'll post them as well!

Toodlepip, xxx


sonya said...

It looks beautiful in France, Liz. I envy you! You are so lucky, girl.
Aren't blogging friends just the best? Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos. I can't wait to see the treasures you found at the vide greniers (what does that mean?). Can you speak French? I'm sure you probably can.
Have a wonderful Thursday.

Elizabethd said...

You certainly chose a wonderful week, it got to 24 degrees here, and we were taking meals out of doors! In April!
The flowering trees look so beautiful at this time of year, dont they.

Kasia said...

What a wonderful spring! Here, there are barely small buds (of leaves) visible and only on SOME trees... bt here, its like this, you wake up one day and from bare branches, you open our eyes to a green neighbourhood... and a week after that its already summer.. muggy and hot UGH!

The bloggy gifts are all wonderful! its good to be able to take these bits with you around! It makes everywhere much more homely no? Thanks for sharing your adventures! The tulip was ever so sweet!


Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Liz,
sounds like you had a wonderful
time at the cottage.Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful
photos of your little paradise!
The gifts from your friends are lovely.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Sheila said...

How lovely, i love all your pics and you must have had an amazing time, it all looks so beautiful. I love Hector and Poppy!!

Scrummy Scrapz aka Lizzie said...

Well Hector & Poppy are something, can't help it just love animals! Your photos are brilliant and it kinda looks quite peaceful there with the flora & fauna - keep having a restful time!

Dorthe said...

Dear Liz-
this is pure beauty, already.How beautiful suroundings- I sooo understand your doggies loves to stay outside, and enjoy--seems their family does ,too :)
The blossoming trees- are the most lovely sight--and all the gifts looks so wonderful in your french home.-Thankyou for taking mine to live in your beautiful home, dear friend.
Have a nice evening- and big hug.

sissie said...

Hi Liz,
What a beautiful place you have. It must be wonderful to be able to retreat there from all the cares of the world. The view is amazing and I just love the cozy cottage.

Are you going to show us more of the inside? I love all of the pretty vingettes.


Libertybelle said...

What a lovely cottage in such a beautiful setting - it must be great to go there and enjoy the peace and quiet. Poppy and Hector look really at home there too.
Thank you for sharing your pictures.

Cindy Adkins said...

Oh my gosh, Liz--it is SO beautiful!!! And I love all your gorgeous treasures!!!! What a wonderful time you must have had!

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

It looks like you had a great time and wonderful weather during your stay in France, Liz. Your cottage seems to be the perfect, serene place to relax and enjoy the nature around. No wonder the doggies love it too. It' wonderful to see that you surrounded yourself with some beautiful gifts of sweet blogging friends in your French home as well.
The rhubarb crumble sounds good to me. I've made a couple of rhubarb cakes with meringue topping since the season has started. A crumble would be a nice change and I will try that.
Your "cheated" postcard tag turned out very pretty!
Have a wonderful weekend!
Warm wishes and hugs,

Lynn Stevens said...

Gorgeous photos, I would say you have yourself a bit of heaven there!
What a wonderful time you must have had! I don't think I could ever leave. swoon...
hugs Lynn

Xela said...

Hallo meine Liebe,
das sind so schöne Frühlingsbilder den ich irgendwie verpasst habe dieses Jahr. Und deine süßen Hundchen, so richtig zum knuddeln :)
Und du warst soooooo fleissig. Ich bin immer noch nicht durch.