Friday, 24 September 2010

France Post 7 - Some Fabricy Treasures

At long last, here is the promised linen, lace and lovelies post. Of course, as soon as I got everything out of the box yesterday, the weather turned nasty, grey and horrid, and it was almost impossible to take photos. I thoroughly dislike taking photos with flash, I really do prefer natural light. Of which there was very little, lol. I tried again this morning, frantically snapping away during the few minutes when it got a bit brighter, in between rain showers. So if the photos are somewhat dull, blame it on the rotten weather!

I'll start with my favourite find. This is a huge 19th C. bedspread, absolutely gobsmackingly gorgeous, as you can see from the close ups. The top itself is in fantastic condition, but sadly, the beautiful wide tasseled trim is in very poor condition in places. Do I care? No, of course not, because even without the trim, the top is just so stunning. Just think how much work has gone into producing just those beautiful whitework squares, let alone everything else -

Antique French linen towels, aren't they just fabulous? Natural linen can be quite dark when it is new. The more often it is washed, the lighter it gets. Most of these linen towels have not been used, they were part of a young woman's trousseau and probably kept in the linen press for decades. The stall holder I bought them from had, however, washed them to remove storage marks. Shame she didn't iron them as well, lol -

I don't think these have ever been used, the linen is a gorgeous cafe au lait colour. There was just one towel which had obviously been used and washed many times, see how much lighter the linen has become? -

Finding original damask ticking is getting very difficult, so when I spotted this piece, which the stall holder was using as a table cloth, I just had to have it. He looked at me rather strangely when I asked whether it was for sale, and had a good ole laugh with his wife, but was quite happy to move all the stuff off it and let me have it, once we had agreed a price. I just love this design, ears of wheat and cornflowers, all intertwined with a ribbon. And those elegant, subtle colours, perfect with white/off white furnishings.

Antique lace also is not that easy to find anymore. And when you do find it, it is expensive. Every now and then though, you do find a few bits and pieces -

This is a really gorgeous deep lace trim-

I love love love this rose trim -

Hand made broderie anglaise trim -

I have some more rather lovely laces, but my battery died on me, lol.

Victorian lampshade cover -

I managed to find a set of TWELVE of these gorgeous monogrammed damask napkins/serviettes, PLUS a matching tablecloth as well. I really do love a beautifully laid table, with a snow white tablecloth and proper fabric serviettes. I do use them all the time in France when we have people round for dinner or lunch -

Aaaahhh, petticoats! These are so beautifully trimmed with the most exquisite hand made broderie anglaise. There are a couple of tiny faults on the beautifully soft fabric, but to me that really doesn't matter, these petticoats make a lovely display in a French bedroom.

Petticoat 1 -

Petticoat 2 -

Petticoat 3 -

I will list quite a few of these things in my blog shop, Lululiz in Vintageland, tomorrow.

Alright now, don't you think this is quite enough for one day? There are more fabricy things to show you, but I think they are best left until tomorrow. This is a VERY long post already. So for now, have a lovely weekend! Toodlepip xxx


Elizabethd said...

What wonderful finds. Nowadays the stall holders are very aware of values, and it isnt easy to pick up things that are cheaper.

Sherry said...

I loved spending my lunch break going back and forth looking at your pictures of your lovely linens and lace.

marie said...

What a wonderful assortment of treasures! That bedspread is so beautiful and the petticoats are too! I love the bits of old lace ~ what will you do with all these wonderful things?

By the way...I LOVE the word "gobsmack" and all it's variations!
My British son-in-law uses it a lot. It's a great word!

Lyn said...

Gorgeous post. One of those French Linens has my initials on-LR!

Debby said...

WOW!! SO many gorgeous pieces, love them all.

Sarah said...

I'm betting there's a queue at your shop door tomorrow! My goodness you sure did find some wonderful goodies in France. That roses lace is so pretty along with all the other bits. And the bedcover is very lovely. But I would have to love those linen towels the most probably. I guess it's the red in them.

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

I think we have to get a new keyboard because I've drooled all over it. Liz, This beadspread is to die for. I have never seen anything like that. The quilt underneath is very beautiful too. Someone did a lot of hand quilting. Was that you? I love your linen finds as well and the laces are YUMMY, YUMMY, YUMMY!!! The lampshade cover - WOW!
Have a wonderful weekend :-)!
Hugs to you,

Barbara Jean said...

LOVE all your lace finds.
That bedspread is just the most beautiful ever!!!

hugs and blessings

barbara jean

Xela said...

So many wonderful things and pictures. I love all! Your quilt, your lace and old towels. Fantastic treasures! Have a wonderful weekend Liz without rain ;) Hugs Alexandra

TinyBear said...

I LOVE all the lace and trim and linen Liz. In fact I love everything in your photos - I´m drooling too like Julia sign... :D
Just can´t get enough of lace and trims these day - I´m currently working on new pieces with lots of it.
Thanks a for sharing and have a wonderful weekend.
xo Tina

Tilly Rose said...

Hi hun!
What a fabulous post!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE the bedspread...sooooo gorgeous but I also adore the lampshade unusual.
I just adore old lace and like you say it has such a history of all the hours taken to make it....if only it could talk eh?

Where in France did you find it?
Karen x x x

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!

what wonderful pieces you have there!!! my favs are the french linens and that rose trim! **swooning!!!***


Anonymous said...

Oh, wow !! Everything is soooo beautiful !!!

harmony and rosie said...

I'm seriously in awe of your finds (as ever, grrrrr), and can't believe how you manage to truffle them out so frequently..

Debra said...

Absolutely gorgeous! The lace is wonderful, but I really love the linen towels with the red stripes. That bedspread must have taken a lifetime to make!

Dorthe said...

Dear Liz,
this collection is amazing-so many beautifull, and special things, from long time ago.
The bedspread is a wonderfull piece of art, and the lampshade, in the fat soft fabric,- uuhhh yummy--
So much gorgeus lace, and the damask so elegant, love it aLL, sweet.
Thanks for showing my little heart,dearest.
Love and hugs, Dorthe

Viola said...

OMG, sooooo many, many wonderful finds, Liz! Love them all! Absolutely gorgeous!! Hugs, Viola :o)

Suz said...

Love the damask. Those are just the goodies I am looking for at estate sales. You found some really incredible things!!!


Anonymous said...

Liz, absolutely DEEEElicious!!! And that coverlet thrown on the die for!!
Hugs, Diane

Mom E. said...

I was not looking at blogs yet when you did this post, gorgeous bed cloth! and the petticoats are gorgeous! The rose trim is so beautiful, so is the Batten-burg....Glad I got some of that damask! I think pillows will be pretty out of that, since I can't make myself do the chair covers yet! LOL
Do you have many bed covers hiding away at your place? I have been thinking on making or putting together or combining items for a lace coverlet...or a crazy quilt, kind of like the one Suzy has made and is pictured on her blog...
Just wondering what you have available before I buy anywhere else!
My friend here may have something, I will check with her as well.
Hope you had a good day!