Thursday, 12 November 2009

A tale of two fairies

Once upon a time................

errmm, lets not go there, lol, if I start making up a fairy story, this post would turn into a book, and neither you nor me have time for that, lol. Lets just say that having an almost-daughter-in-law and two granddaughters is just wonderful after having 4 men in the house for so very long. Having been deprived of pink things for decades, I can now make up for that, because my girls all love pink, yippeeehh, and all things girlie.

I spotted these two wonderful fairies at the Christmas Fair I was at on the weekend. Pinkiness and girliness galore, yay! I love them both, although they are very different - one is tall and elegant and probably a Fairy Princess, holding court to a whole host of drooling and adoring fairy princes, and the other one is a fat little dumpling of a smiling, generous, comforting fairy godmother.

Lets start with the Fairy Princess. Here she is, sitting in a tree in her Fairy Glen, smiling down at the adoring fairy princes ( just out of the picture, of course, because they are grovelling at her feet ) -

Look at her beautiful dress! The loveliest shade of pink, and lots of sparklies, along with a couple of lacy underskirtsThe back of the dress -

The very gorgeous headdress -
and the back of the headdress -
Lovely, isn't she?

And then there is little dumpling, the chubby, giggly Fairy Godmother

Just look at these chubby little legs -
It is such a pleasure having girls to buy pink fairies for, I am loving it.



marigold jam said...

Oh how I love the little dumpling one!


Michela said...

So cute!!! Great details!

Floss said...

That would be the day...

Ah well, perhaps one day!

Anonymous said...

How precious. I can imagine your happiness at having girls to hang out with. Beautiful pictures.

Tilly Rose said...

Hi! I know exactly what you mean about being deprived of pink girlie things for so long....I live with three gorgeous men but oh I do so miss pink and girlie! That's one of the reason Tilly Rose came about (another I may have to blog??...mmmmm thanks for the idea hun???)
Anyway I'm wandering.....I love the chubby fairy godmother!
Enjoy all your pinkness!!! Lol!
Hugs (pink of course) Karen x

Anonymous said...

oh, very pink, very girlie....

they are so sweet,the chubby one is my favourite,too.

Sarah said...

That chubby one is my baby!! She has legs like that. Well not quite anymore but the tops are still mighty squishy.

Love those dolls! What a princess and what a fab dress she wears. Bet those little girls are going to be very pleased with them.

Go Granny!!

made with love said...

Oh what lovely pictures. I am loving the chubby princess too. Her chubby little legs, so cute.
Rachael xx

Rondell said...

Girl I just love pink too. Check out my journal and see for yourself!

Florence and Mary said...

I love the pink fairy... almost as wonderful as Glinda!

Victoria xx

Croap Queen said...

So, you're a secret pink, girly girl then madam! Caught at last :-)

Both cute but I like the chubby one best.


Kelly said...

Well you know how I like pink!!
Your girls' fairies are very special!

Hippy at Heart said...

I love the little dumpling one. She has legs just like mine. Lol

Michela said...

Hi Liz! I've forgotten to inform you that I've received half of Victoria's violet parcel (she splitted the parcel into 2 packages, one has arrived safely more than 1 week ago..and the other one has come back to the UK! Crazy postal service!)
So when I will receive the 2nd one I will blog about it!
Have a good weekend xxx